The Freshman 15: Gain Web Knowledge, Not Pounds

In the 10+ years we’ve been hosting web-related seminars and workshops (like our Breakfast Bootcamp series), one thing we’ve noticed time and again is that our attendees represent an enormously wide spectrum of Web experience and expertise. We’ll be honest; it’s been a challenge at times to strike the perfect chord between info that’s too basic and too advanced.

On one end of the spectrum, we have attendees with almost no online experience – those super-eager to learn, as well as those who don’t so much WANT to learn, but have had the web suddenly become part of their job responsibilities. Surprise! These are what we affectionately call Web Noobs.

On the other end, we get attendees that have been doing web stuff for years and mostly want validation that they’re on the right track. They’re well on their way to being online pros.

We think the same is true of our blog readers. So, to make sure we’re not speaking over anyone’s head and/or to help those new to the industry, we’re introducing a new series on the blog called The Freshman 15. No, this isn’t about how to take off those extra pounds you’ve gained from a steady diet of beer and pizza. (We’d be little help in that department; at least half of TKG still consumes a diet that would horrify our mothers.)

The Freshman 15 is all about helping Web Noobs gain web-related knowledge 15 minutes at a time. Cute, huh? In this series, we’ll be going over all aspects of Web basics, from marketing to design to development to hosting. 

We know that just because we’ve been living and breathing this stuff for almost 15 years now (notice a theme???) doesn’t mean you have. Because you probably have a life. So come back and visit often as we share noobie advice in our fun, easy-to-digest, ready-to-use way.

No heavy theory, just practical advice, plenty o’ user-friendly bullet points, and actionable takeaways…that’s what you can expect.

It’s the same advice you’d get if you came to one of our beginner seminars, but delivered straight to your computer via our blog. We’ll be sprinkling in these posts with our regular posts, so look for them about twice a month or so. And if you have any questions along the way, drop us a line in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer!

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