Web Marketing Tippy-Tips – First Edition

With lots o’ chatter surrounding Google’s recent Penguin update, many people are wondering what this means for “traditional” SEO tactics. The optimization methods used in the past still require competency, but as the web evolves, SEO peeps need to do the same. So in this first edition of Web Marketing Tippy Tips, I’ll go over a few ways to develop your link building to match the times.

(We couldn't decide which "Penguin" was the Google Penguin. If you take the right action, hopefully its the fuzzy cute one in the middle.)

Get Biznasty with Your Business Pages

Claim your business listings in obvious spots such as Google, Yahoo and Yelp. When you complete the profiles and optimize the listing, this not only tells the user what your company does, but also allows you to create a safe backlink to your site. Make sure not to “keyword stuff” your listing though, or Google could dock you for being spammy.

Invite Your Social Users To Do The Heavy Lifting For You.

Social media is a huge opportunity for links, and for plenty of reasons. By creating and owning your social media accounts, you are able to share your new content via links on your channels. With that said, the “share-ability” of your content should be a main focus when creating it for the users.

Think to yourself, would others want to pin my picture? Will someone’s mom want to share this on their kid’s wall? Can this video go viral? Are there enough cats in my meme? Whoa, the last one… maybe you should gauge the cat to content ratio depending on your industry.

Back to my point though, once you have a shareable link, your customers will pass along information they find valuable and drive the traffic for you.

This can be executed with content, video, high quality photo galleries, sidebar stories, podcasts, infographics, top 10 lists, and even audio. Lots of options, and they seem/are more enjoyable than submitting your links to a sub-par directory that users don’t actually use.

Fire Up The Public Relations

Increase your company involvement by leveraging the community aspect of your biz. If you’re already volunteering services or a product to charitable causes, find the story and share it. By providing noteworthy contributions, your local news and bloggers can run with the story. Generating links to your site is the grand bonus to the warm fuzzy feelings between the community and company.

Local news coverage and online mentions also improve your search engine visibility. Changes to Google’s algorithm are beginning to take into account the user’s location to provide them tailored results, so if you’re a local business, that news coverage can be a leading indicator to Google that you are relevant for local users.

These are a few tips to help give you an advantage over those who have not adapted to the changing of the (web marketing) tides. With an ever-evolving web, we have to always be on the lookout for surfacing tactics to meet the strategies that generate business and brand equity, and at TKG, I feel like we’ve got a hold on it.

the google tankDo you have questions you’d like to see answered in the upcoming tippy-tips? If so, feel free to fire away in the comments section, and we’ll try to answer them for you! Remember, no spamming our comments…or Google will tank you. 🙂

Geoff is our fearless leader – President & Owner of TKG, a role he’s held proudly for the past 15 years. He likes to talk “big picture” online marketing trends and strategy, and how/why businesses can use the web to achieve their goals. He’s also a passionate Steelers fan; we felt you should know that.

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