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As a web agency, we take our browsers pretty seriously around here. While most of the population uses their browsers for just, well, browsing, we use ‘em for a lot more than that – our web dev guys have to do cross-browser testing and debugging, our web designers have to make sure their sites maintain form and function across browsers, and our web marketers use browsers to install and use all sorts of nifty plug-ins and SEO tools.

Being the browser aficionados that we are, we know you’re simply dying to know: what’s TKG’s favorite browser? To find out the answer to this pressing question, I conducted a very scientific poll to determine the answer. And by “very scientific” I mean that I asked some of our Client Services staff, “What’s your favorite browser and why? And if you think another browser stinks, why?” Having worked here for 7+ years, I knew the notoriously “buggy” Internet Explorer was going to be the big loser…with the exception of Dan Hall who is already scheming to come back as Bill Gates in his next life. But Firefox vs. Chrome? I wasn’t so sure.

Here’s what some of our group had to say about their fave and not-so-fave browsers:

JOSH M: Developer/Team Lead
“Chrome: I use chrome at home and for standard browsing because it’s faster, doesn’t crash, and has no memory leak which Firefox is known for.
Firefox: I used this in a development setting for debugging as Firebug is way too helpful not to use. Chrome has a Firebug plugin and debugging tool but I prefer Firefox’s version.
IE: Don’t use this because it’s dumb. That is all you need to know.”

PHIL: Client Services Manager
“Firefox, because if my browser isn’t updated every other week then it simply isn’t trying hard enough. I fear Chrome because its icon looks like the game Simon, which I was terrible at. I’ll hate-use Explorer occasionally, but that is getting less and less fun as Explorer gets less and less horrible.”

DAVE: Account Coordinator
“I like Chrome.  It integrates nicely with all of Google services, and syncs information for you when you use different computers.  It is also faster in my experience. I stopped using IE a few years ago when Chrome came out.”

NATE C: Associate Web Marketing Strategist
Rockmelt – it infuses your social media profiles into the sidebar of your browser.”

JON: Web Marketing Strategist
“I prefer Firefox because of all the available free plugins. In the web arena, there are lots of great SEO tools available.”

LEANNE: Web Marketing Specialist
“Chrome, as much as possible. It’s fast.
Firefox at work because of the available plugins.
IE, almost never. It’s sooooo slow!”

DAN: Senior Developer
“IE 9 – it handles the bulk of what I need to do online, and since IE is the most used browser, it helps quickly identify any issues developing sites since it’s my default.”

NIC: Developer
“I like FireFox for development but if I’m just browsing I think Chrome better because it seems faster. I don’t like IE and only use it for cross browser testing because sometimes it doesn’t follow the normal standards and it doesn’t run in Linux and that’s what I use at home.”

So there you have it – a tie of sorts? Firefox wins at work for all of its available options and tools. Chrome wins at home for speed, simplicity and integration with Google products. IE just pretty much loses, but they’re improving a little…maybe?

So, what’s YOUR favorite browser? Tell us in the comments; we’d love to hear what browser you like best and why.

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