3 Free Content Marketing Tools for Scheduling Content

Scheduling Content - Content Marketing ToolsIt’s not surprising that in 2012, we’ve come to a point where there are hundreds of third party content marketing tools that help marketers deliver messages to their audiences.

But what if those messages are delivered at a time when the audience’s eyeballs are not focused on the channel?

You already know the answer to that one — crickets.

Features that support scheduling content have become commonplace, largely due to the demands of marketers and agencies who are working to help brands pop up at the right times, to the right audience and on the right social media properties.

The short list you see below details three content marketing tools that I’ve found particularly helpful.

The best part? Each of them is available to you, free of charge.

If you are looking for help scheduling content for your content marketing program, give one of these a try right away!

Scheduling Content with the Facebook Scheduler

Up until this year, marketers and community managers have been forced to use third party tools (like Hootsuite, for instance) to schedule status updates on their Facebook brand pages.

In what I think is a great move for small and mid-sized businesses, Facebook has now built this feature right into your page administrator dashboard.

Facebook Page Update Scheduler

While some folks have felt that the onboard Facebook update scheduler has fallen short of being an effective app, it’s saving grace is that it’s free and and requires no time invested in learning a new system.

Scheduling Content with Sparqd

I learned about Sparqd last week on a call with co-founder Michael Cann (@michaelgcann) after he saw one of our #tkgenius posts that made FastCasual.com, a very popular restaurant industry online publication.

Michael has designed a content marketing tool specifically for multi-unit chains that allows corporate marketing folks as well as brand side supporters like Coca-Cola, to upload a centralized database of images and video content, and then share that across large networks of local stores for use.

The tool also comes with a feature for not only scheduling content, but also geographically and demographically targeting updates to specific segments of fans. It’s really slick!

Scheduling Content - Sparqd

While scheduling and geo-targeting updates is a popular feature in pay-for-play tools, Sparqd is the first tool I’ve seen to offer this feature to end users, free of charge.

Scheduling Content on Google+ with DoShare

One of the quick hit tips I tool away from this year’s Content Marketing World conference in Columbus was a neat little application called DoShare.

This tool works for both personal Google+ profiles as well as pages, and will give you the ability to write and schedule posts, share links right from any tab open in Google Chrome and also autocomplete hashtags and user names from your circles.

Content Marketing Tools - Scheduling Content with DoShare

The DoShare Chrome extension is so handy that you’ll have no problem staying signed into your Google account all day long to use it — which is exactly what Google needs you to do.

nate-riggsEach of these tools will do the job, and do it pretty well.

That said, there are literally hundreds of similar content marketing tools out there that you can use to be more effective with scheduling content.

Would you let me know in the comments what’s working for you?

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