SEO Tips: Does Bot Search Traffic Show in Google Analytics?

Hurray! You finally sold your boss on a web marketing project to help improve your search traffic.

You and your awesome team designed a strategy, executed some tactics and have Google Analytics running in the background to gather all your juicy data so that you can show the value in your investment.

After a month or two, it’s meeting day. AKA: ‘prove that we didn’t just invest a bunch of money in something with no ROI day’.

You know, the day you wear your best shoes, gather all the data and explain how your efforts are paying off big time. And, it is paying off. You’ve got the data to prove it!

And then it happens: “Well, those numbers sound great, but what about the bots? I’ve read about the bots… that’s like half our traffic!”

And your mind starts to race… “Bots? No, it can’t be the bots. Our search traffic is definitely up…. isn’t it? Isn’t it??????”

Stop! Take a deep breath! Don’t panic. It’s not the bots.

From Google Analytics:

“The Google Analytics JavaScript tracking code (ga.js) only sends data to Google Analytics from browsers and user agents when JavaScript is enabled and cookies can be set. For that reason, most search engine robot traffic is not tracked in Google Analytics because these agents do not activate JavaScript in the pages that they crawl, nor do they typically set cookies.: — Source

So, basically unless it’s some kind of mutant bot that is able to execute Java (and that’s really, really, really unlikely), you can breathe easy. Your search traffic is up. Congratulations!

Photo Credit – Ladylockhart


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