#TKGenius Social Business News for the Week of Oct 15th, 2012

In this week’s social business news, two studies recently conducted research on social media demographics. Their results: teenagers like Facebook, brains like Twitter.

The first study polled 7,700 teenagers in the United States, asking their social media platform of choice. Facebook ranked number one, followed by Twitter, with Instagram (which is now owned by Facebook anyways) tailing in third.

You can read more about it in this article: STUDY: Teens Like Facebook More Than Twitter.

The next study chose intelligence, rather than age, as its demographic. I know what you’re thinking. Can they even do that?

According to this article, they can.

While there are many types of intelligence, the conductors of this study looked for three main things when asking 2,851 Australian graduates their social network of choice:

  1. Salary
  2. Career Progression
  3. Life Satisfaction

While only 4% listed Twitter as their favorite, the study claims that these individuals had the “highest cognitive abilities”.

How they manged to measure respondents’ brain functionality remains a mystery, but it does seem that Twitter-users must possess a certain attention to detail and a high-level ability to efficiently communicate their thoughts that is unique from what is required on other social networks.

Keeping in theme with Twitter, the second Presidential Debate was all a-buzz (a-chirp?) with over 7.2 million tweets! A good number, but not enough to beat the first debate’s 10 million tweets.

What social networks are being employing by your business? Do they match up with these social media demographic studies?


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