Content Curation Explained Part 4: Best of the Web

While I’m editing the video from my interview yesterday with co-founder Nick Kellet (which was FANtastic, by the way…stay tuned!), I thought I’d share with you a few real-life examples of websites that are doing a fabulous job of curating content.

We’ve talked about the who, what, why, and how of content curation, but is there anything any better than real world examples? I think not. grandfather of curated content sites,, brainchild of Guy Kawasaki, gathers news and information from top blogs and websites on just about any topic imaginable – from Branding to Buddhism to Brittney Spears. You can almost guarantee that a source listed on Alltop is indeed a reputable source.

Another cool feature? By using, you can actually become a content curator by creating your own sharable “magazine rack” of favorite blogs and websites.

iQ by Intel: This is Intel’s tech and culture online magazine that combines original and curated content. LOVE this one – in part because it’s a big brand embracing content curation, but also because Intel is not a company I typically associate with “good times.” They strike a balance between fun content (The Mustaches of Intel, for instance) and substance.

But Does It Float: Hugely popular in the art and design world, is a visual collection of curated content including art, drawings, paintings, architechure, etc., sourced from various artists covering a wide range of perspectives and styles. Think of it as content curation in the form of an online art collection.

Drudge Report: A favorite of right-leaning political and news junkies, Drudge Report is a source for 100% curated news content. Every day, all day, publisher Matt Drudge scours hundreds of newspapers and online sources for news and publishes his stories on what is arguably the ugliest site on the web. Also on his site: links to major news outlets, columnists, and wire services. This website provides “digital marketing insight for CMOs.” Combining both original ( exclusive) and curated content, has established itself as an information hub comprised of reputable sources such as Fast Company, Forbes, AdAge, TechCruch, and more.

The thing that excites me most about content curation, and what these examples underscore, is that it’s flexible – you can curate news, images, or information; you can curate the silly, the serious; it’s up to you.

Next week I’ll be posting my interview with co-founder Nick Kellet. has taken list-making to a whole new, wonderful, interactive place. DON’T miss it.

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