Brand Management: 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools

Brand MonitoringIf you’re doing business online, then you’re probably concerned with your online brand management. Or at least you should be.

After all, while you can’t control and often don’t know what people are saying about you offline, it’s completely different online. Most of the time, your brand lovers and haters are pretty vocal, and all that information is available for you, if you know how to find it.

But, that’s the hard part, right? Finding it.

Well, not if you are using social media monitoring tools! From basic tools like Google Alerts and Google Reader to subscription-based highly intelligent tools like Simply Measured, it’s easy to find out what people are saying about you online.

Here are 5 popular brand management tools:

  1. Google Alerts / Google Reader – There are 2 ways to harness the power of Google to help you find mentions of your company online, and both are free. You can either set up a Google Alert by entering a search query and selecting how frequently the results are sent to you, or you can login to Google Reader and create a subscription for the keyword. Either way, you’ll be letting Google do the heavy lifting while you collect the results.While this social media monitoring tool is free, you’ll probably invest a lot of time in compiling and organizing the data.
  2. Sprout Social – This tool allows you both to monitor your online brand, and publish and schedule updates across social channels. They offer a 30-day free trial, and provide 3 pricing levels depending on your needs. They also provide reporting and analytics, which will take some of the pressure off you.
  3. Crowdbooster – Another brand management tool that lets you measure and optimize your social media marketing with a variety of tools and analytics. Crowdbooster will also offer you recommendations to help you make the most of your social media efforts.
  4. Venuelabs – This is a robust social media monitoring tool that focuses on providing local insight, and is ideal for organizations with multiple locations. One of the biggest advantages of Venuelabs is that brand mentions are manually categorized into positive and negative categories, giving you a truly human touch on your brand management.
  5. Simply Measured – A robust tool that allows you do keyword listening across the internet for mention of your brand name, not tied to any particular medium or location. You can also get competitive analysis reports like share of voice so that you can see how your brand stacks up against your competitors.

Which social media monitoring tool is right for you will depend on a variety of factors including how many locations your company has, how much you are interested in measuring, your budget, and your need for sophisticated reporting. Most tools offer free trials or free demos to help you decide on the best brand management solution for you.

‘Course once you have all the information, you’ll have to decide how you’ll use it. But that’s a topic for another post…

Which on of the tools listed looks most appealing to you and why?

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