#TKGenius Social Business News for the Week of Nov 12th, 2012

This week in social media news, I am overly pleased to announce that my favorite social media platform—Pinterest—has finally released a shiny new feature for which the pinning community has been long anticipating: secret boards!

Personally, I will be utilizing these new secret boards to organize my online Christmas shopping lists (which of course, are best left undetectable to friends and family to retain the surprise factor.) But this feature is also a significant step towards Pinterest becoming even more brand friendly!

To what use can your business put Pinterest secret boards?

Secret boards (shh!) don’t have to remain a secret. Meaning, your social media team can make boards truly robust and beautiful before taking them live to the public.

But this isn’t the only change Pinterest has made. Special boards for businesses are coming out–which may be offering some pretty business savvy  tools sometime in the future.

Check out these stats about Pinterest marketing.

Hootesuite and Facebook have recently unveiled new features, too. Hootsuite has new “Facebook features“, while Facebook has a new…disturbing feature: couple pages.

Let me explain. If you’re status is set at “in a relationship” you and your significant other now have an “us” page, where you will find pictures of the two of you together, status updates where you mention each other, and other sappy details that the average single Facebook user cringes to behold.

Couples Page

But I never made one, you say. You didn’t have to.

But I do not want one, you say. It doesn’t matter.

On a more positive Facebook note, a topic that was discussed in one of my previous posts may be closer to becoming a reality. Facebook could be coming out with a “career” feature any day now, according to this article.

Finally, I thought I’d wrap up this week with a little slideshow I found that sites 36 stereotypes for people who comment on your business’s Facebook page:

[iframe src=”http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/15062498?rel=0″ width=”427″ height=”356″]

Is your business planning to take advantage of Pinterest’s secret boards? How about you personally?

Do you think Facebook is overstepping their boundaries with couple pages?

Which of the 36 faces of Facebook have you encountered? How did you deal with the baddens?

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