The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 6

This Thanksgiving week in social media news, Facebook is soon to reveal “Facebook Gifts” an online shopping feature that will allow you to send little surprises to your friends.

Soon you’ll be able to send your friend a cupcake when it’s his/her birthday, or even a special gift for your sister who just had a new baby.

But what advantage will Facebook Gifts have over Amazon or Google shopping?

Well, when checking out, there’s no need to add your friend’s address. Your friend will be notified, prompted to give their address, and can even make small changes to the order (such as flavor preference). So basically, you can send gifts to people, without actually knowing where they live!

Facebook is currently testing three other features involving the News Feed:

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Recently Released Albums
  3. Most Shared Stories from Social Readers

While the features are new, Facebook is always testing them. It’s part of their ongoing battle to remain #1 on top of the social media totem pole. And according to this infographic, despite the growing popularity in other social media platforms, they are still on top.

Compare that infographic with this one that reveals the complete age demographics  of a bunch of social media platforms. There may be old folks on Facebook, but the numbers are out, and is their preferred social spot to hang.


Because infographics are fun, here are two more Thanksgiving themed infographics for your perusual: Favorite Thanksgiving Foods and a peak at Black Friday on Foursquare (with a bonus of which Thanksgiving words are most popular on Twitter table.)

Here’s hoping everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that those who participated in 
yesterday’s Black Friday festivities stayed safe and scored sales. 

Enjoy those leftovers!


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