Collyn Floyd on Christmas Cards and Facebook

Since we’re all still in the holiday spirit both here at the TKGenius blog and in our personal lives, I thought I’d keep my post on the lighter side today by sharing a hilarious Facebook status update by my dear friend Molly and how it relates to my series on Social Media Etiquette.

A little background: Molly and I first met in 1999 when she hired me to work for her at a large company in Akron. We were both newly married, no kids, and as part of our jobs had the opportunity to travel frequently. I think we ate and drank our way through most of Washington, DC, during those years. Life was good, and we became good friends.

Fast forward 13-ish years, and neither of us are sure how we got here, but Molly is now a stay at home mom to FOUR KIDS, and I’ve got three of my own. Despite all our mutual scattered craziness, we’ve be fortunate to stay friends all these years.

All of this is a very long way of saying that Molly is the first one to laugh at her crazy life (and it IS crazy) and was more than happy to let me share a piece of it here on the TKGenuis blog.

What cracked me up about her post, which I’m getting to in just a second, is that it violated all sorts of etiquette rules that I’ve been talking about in my series.

What’s even better, the post is AWESOME – probably one of the funniest things I’ve read this year on Facebook – and a welcome reminder that there’s always an exception to the rule.

That’s right, there’s always an exception to the rule.

Let’s start with the photo, the “culprit” if you will, which went out to countless individuals as her family’s 2012 Christmas card. Adorable, right?

Christmas 2012Not so fast. Some friends alerted her that something wasn’t quite right with her son on the far left. Yep, her son Parker (age 7) is giving everyone the double bird. In their official Christmas photo.

Molly, never one to take herself too seriously, posted this on Facebook in response:

“Okay to all of you who received my Christmas Card apparently Parker is giving you the bird. Now, first off if you didn’t receive my card it is only b/c I don’t have your address…I would gladly send them to all friends if you were in my old address book….second, it wasn’t intentional but probably he was feeling that way at the moment. I can relate! Now, the picture is lovely (bird and all) and I know all of you think I spent hours mulling over all my wonderful photos but the truth is: the professional family photo that I ordered early December that I was going to illegally have copied and made into 100 Christmas cards never showed up…… so I chose the second BEST one… Parker with the bird! Thank you to my lovely neighbor who recently sent me a disk of all photos (the photo without the bird) and saved me $200 large and had all my children in her wedding…kudos to her! The point took me all but 15 minutes to find another picture and have shutterfly address all the envelopes and voila…Christmas cards!

So I really thought my life would be less hectic after the auction but is just as busy and my husband “BELIEVES” Santa comes and magically brings wrapped presents, cooks food and makes cookies! It is a miracle really! The point is I love Christmas and I love all things about Christmas but I think today I will go play some tennis, take the $200 I saved from the photos and go buy myself some UGGS!!! So to all my friends and family..Parker and I want to say “Merry effin Christmas”…we really do love you all!”

Let’s just take a look at all the etiquette rules that Molly violated in one single post:

  • Don’t write a whole blog post in a single status update
  • Don’t rip on your spouse
  • Don’t admit you were planning to do an illegal activity
  • Don’t have you and your CHILD curse (i.e., wish everyone a “Merry effin Christmas”)
  • Don’t rant
  • Don’t look like you might need to be medicated (j/k Molly!)

Does any of that matter in the least, though? No, of course not. It’s a hilarious story to be passed down through the ages: the year Parker gave Molly’s entire Christmas card list the bird, and their family coined a new Christmastime phrase.

Point being: a good sense of humor can fix, cover up, & excuse just about anything. A great story doesn’t hurt either; we all need a little comic relief this time of year.

So, on the note, from the TKGenius blog, Yours Truly, Molly and Parker: “Merry effin Christmas!”

See you in 2013!

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