Keeping Akron Beautiful and in the Spotlight

It is a beautiful thing when a social media marketing plan comes together.  And the results of tireless efforts put in by the team over at Keep Akron Beautiful show.  After all, beauty is not only in their name, its their inspiration and their goal.

KAB adopt a site photoFeatured in this month’s TKG Client Spotlight, Keep Akron Beautiful is a non-profit organization charging itself, in it’s own words, with a ‘mission to improve Akron’s quality of life through beautification and responsible environmental management’.

So when the task is keeping a city the size of Akron, Ohio looking good, it takes a lot of work. It also takes an army of volunteers. And it takes a concerted effort in social media marketing to get the message out there, and across to as many people as you can.

That is exactly what is going on at the offices of Keep Akron Beautiful, and where things get exciting for the online marketing junkies we are here at TKG.  We love to see our clients putting themselves out there on the social media front lines, and enjoy helping them do it.

We recently launched the new Keep Akron Beautiful Blog, and they have been posting non-stop ever since. When I asked them how they come about their content, the answer was beautifully simple. It is merely a matter of sharing what is going on day to day, because there is always a lot happening, and much information to share.  Their style is carefree, and it speaks well to the community, hungry for information, and looking for a chance to help out themselves.

The blog is just one of many social media outlets used by KAB to spread the word, and get the message out there to the thousands of Akron residents they work to serve.  They have an active social media marketing plan in place, and you can find them everywhere you look.

If you want a glimpse of beauty, check this out!  The Flickr photos tell the true story of the efforts they put into the community, along with the efforts of thousands of volunteers throughout the year.  And you can find them in other places as well, like on their Facebook page.  They are active on their Twitter feed, and if you love to watch videos, you can find them on YouTube as well.

But the real story lies in the fact that for 30 years now they have been a success in serving the community, even before Social Media Marketing was there to help spread the word.  Just last year, on their 30th anniversary, they were recognized for high performance and awarded the President’s Circle Award at the 58th Annual Conference in New Orleans for the Keep America Beautiful, Inc network.

We at TKG are proud to be counted among the throng of volunteers and partners that work with Keep Akron Beautiful to make our community a more beautiful place to live. And we hope that trend continues for years to come.

If you live or work in and around the city of Akron, stay tuned to their website for information.  As is write this they are busy putting together plans to make the city even more beautiful in 2013.


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