The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 10

This week in social media news, YouTube makes an attempt to become the iPhone’s video camera while Apple talked with Foursquare about adding local data to the iPhone’s Maps application.

Google has been slowly working their way back into your life ever since Apple released iOS 6 to the masses with their own Maps application.  After a successful re-entry into the App Store with the new and improved Google Maps, Google debuts YouTube Capture.

Of course Google is attempting to get on Apple’s good side by making Capture exclusive to the iPhone – sorry #teamandroid.

What does YouTube Capture mean for the die hard YouTube user?

Ease of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and no more third-party apps needed to upload videos to YouTube.  Simply sign into the app using your Google ID and you are ready to shoot and upload videos to YouTube.  Add your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and you are ready to become a social media superstar!

While Google was busy infiltrating the App Store, Apple was making an attempt at enhancing their Maps app.  Apple has been in talks with Foursquare with hopes of adding Foursquare local data to maps.

How will this help Apple? For starters, it could potentially lead to the development of a local search listing in Maps and an integration of Foursquare into a future iOS build, similar to what was recently done with Twitter and Facebook.

Foursquare check-in

There’s nothing definite about an Apple and Foursquare merger and there hasn’t been any information leaked about what services Foursquare would be integrating into iOS. As for Foursquare, the partnership with Apple could revive their active users and increase their revenue.

As for Apple, enhancing Maps could help build some trust from users that were led in the wrong direction.

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