15th Birthday Present for TKG

After about 6 years of maintaining a very old, very clunky site, we have finally found the time to re-design tkg.com, just in time for it to be a belated gift to ourselves, as we turned 15 years in December.

It often amazes me just how much we don’t take our own advice.  We are constantly driving our clients to keep their site, more importantly their content, fresh.  And until Nate and Aaron (along with the rest of the team) made this blog effective, we honestly paid very little attention to our web presence.

Today, we are launching an entirely new tkg.com.  Finally.

Believe it or not we have a lot of folks who still read our site in pretty deep detail to learn about the industry.  Why?  I don’t know a lot of it was pretty old!  Largely still true, but pretty old.

Things you might notice if you are a regular user of our site:

  • Basic educational content is largely moved over here to the info archive 
  • Industry news & info are here at the blog and much more current
  • TKG news and “fun” stuff is pushed via our FB Page.
  • The new site is much more brief and to the point – far less scrolling!
  • Client & support resources are still available via the footer nav

Things to expect in the near future:

  • A continued commitment to blogging and giving you good info
  • A re-skin of this blog to complement the new site and the content
  • A Phase 2 of tkg.com that will be more interactive and tell our story better

We welcome your input.  I’d love to hear your feedback on our new site, so please jump over there, look around and shoot me a message through my group page.  Or let us know what you think on our FB Page – only if it’s positive though 🙂 .



Geoff is our fearless leader – President & Owner of TKG, a role he’s held proudly for the past 15 years. He likes to talk “big picture” online marketing trends and strategy, and how/why businesses can use the web to achieve their goals. He’s also a passionate Steelers fan; we felt you should know that.

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