Breakfast Bootcamp is Back for 2013!

Our super-popular Breakfast Bootcamp series is back for its 5th season! These are content-packed sessions where our in-house team shares with you the same online marketing strategies we use to successfully promote our clients’ websites…and we do it all in breakfast-bite size pieces.

Each year we pick a theme, and this year it’s Online Marketing REBOOT. In other words, what you knew from last year, the year before, or even just a few short months ago, has probably changed….a lot. Instagram is in the picture now (haha), Facebook for Business has changed in at least 100 ways (even WE get stressed trying to keep up), and Content Marketing is all sorts of HUGE.

We know you’re busy, so we keep them to a little over an hour, and first thing in the morning at that.

Upcoming Free Web Marketing Classes

Attend all the classes or pick and choose – it’s up to you. We’re flexible like that. Best of all, they’re FREE – and you get breakfast to boot!

(Extra bonus- attend all five sessions and receive a special “I survived TKG’s Breakfast Bootcamp” t-shirt!)

  • Instagram and Your Business: How to Create Visibility, Gain Attention and Measure the Results Using the Mobile-Visual Web. Nate Riggs will teach you how to strategically build a presence for yourself and your brand on Instagram. FEB 14
  • Web Marketing & Design: What you need to know for 2013 – The online landscape is continuing to evolve for both marketing professionals and graphic designers. Join TKG as we review the top 10 changes to web marketing and web design for 2013 and beyond. Presented by Jon Dulac and Julie Kephart MARCH 14
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, What’s New, What Your Business Needs to Know: Social platforms are always changing: they update features, tweak algorithms or revamp layouts. For businesses using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these changes can mean the difference between showing up in your followers feeds or not, can affect ad budgets, or even create greater opportunities for how you visually display your brand. In this session, we’ll discuss the latest changes to “the big 3”, which changes are most important to your business, and how you can use the changes to your advantage to meet your business goals. Presented by Sarah Storer APRIL 11
  • The Art of Blogging: How To Build and Sustain Multi-Author Blogging Program That Will Drive Attention to Your Business. Nate Riggs will explain how he built his blog, acquired readers, as well as blogging trends for 2013. MAY 9
  • Content Ideation: Most businesses are aware that content marketing is an integral part of overall marketing and communication efforts. But for many who are tasked with creating this content, it can be difficult to regularly develop content ideas that capture and engage a target audience, add value to their lives, and ultimately meet your business goals. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to a fountain of ideas by incorporating principles from surprisingly fun and easy techniques, fields and tools that guarantee fresh content in real time. Presented by Sarah Storer on JUNE 13.

Who Should Attend?

If you are a business owner, webmaster, content marketer, marketing or PR professional with “web” in your job description, communications professional, or even a web designer or developer, this series will be highly beneficial for you.

A little hint? Sign up quick! We’ve had a waiting list for the last three years!

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