TKG Welcomes Lucas Jackson to the Team as Linux Adminstrator

Lucas-JacksonToday we wanted to introduce you to our new Data Services Employee – Lucas Jackson.

He is officially a Linux Administrator but his knowledge of all things “tech” is astounding. Just a taste:

First Computer: Tandy from RadioShack – 4MB of RAM. 33MHz processor (he does lose some points for not knowing if it was a 486 SX or DX). It came with Windows 3.1 – upgraded to Win95 and the rest is history.

Current preferred computing platform: MacBook Pro.  Here’s a direct quote from Lucas:

“However, I respect Windows because if I don’t respect Windows people think I am an Apple fan boy.“

Favorite Website: (Proving he is, in fact, an Apple fan boy.)

Favorite Browser: Mozilla Firefox. (He actually knows the version number – 17! Oops – they released another one today so he was off by one!)

Sad Technology Truths of 2012:

  1. Facebooks’s valuation of Instagram
  2. Lack of Blackberry/Windows 8 developers.
  3. Facebook Timeline

5 Predictions for 2013:

  1. No forthcoming Apple TV (this year, at least)
  2. Microsoft will be forced to rename Windows 8 to Vista 2.0 (which is itself Windows ME 2.0)
  3. We are going to see wearable computers beyond smart watches and Google Glasses.
  4. MySpace Comeback! (Fueled By Justin Timberlake)
  5. Blackberry Bankruptcy (way to go out on a limb!)

Big Prediction for the Web in 2013:

We will get back to the basics with “function over form”. A renewed focus will emerge on the importance of substance where relevant, timely content matters over all the fluff!

Welcome to our team, Lucas!


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