Social Shopping with Rately: Improve Your On Site Engagement and Conversion

My last post about Social Merchandising promised a follow up post about one of my favorite new social merchandising platforms, Rately.

So, what is rately? Rately is a tool where users can ask questions about any collection of stuff, such as home décor, dresses, shoes, or anything else they desire, and get feedback from their friends.

The process to sign up, login and get started is very user friendly and quick.

You can log in at top right corner through your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or you can connect Rately to an existing email account. Rately Homepage

Rately Login Screen








Next, you will need to install the “ask friends” button by dragging it from the set-up wizard to your bookmarks bar. It works with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, IE and iPad/iPhone.rately bookmarks

If you ever want to install the button again, or try it on a different browser, just click on your name in the top right corner (when you’re logged in), go to “settings” and you will see a section to “Add items with the bookmarklet”. This will take you back to the same screen from the set-up wizard and you will be able to drag and drop the “ask friends” bookmark into your preferred browser. (This section will also let you set up your privacy preferences and provide some information for your profile, if you wish.)

Now you’re ready to open a Rately question on a collection of stuff! Rately works almost anywhere on the web – you can pull images from just about any website, like a Pinterest board or

As you are browsing the web, click the “ask friends” button in your bookmarks bar and select the image or images from the page that you want to have your friends rate. Once you add an item, you can continue browsing other sites and adding content.

Once you’re finished, select the final images that you want to have rated. (They will appear in the small bar towards the top of the page once they are selected.) Remember to type in the question you want to ask and then click “ask friends”.

rately select items and ask questionThe next step is sharing your question. You can share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and directly on your Rately page. Once your friends see the post, they can click on the one they like best , which is called a “Rate Up” and they can leave a comment about why they like that one best! rately board

There are so many social media tools out there—so what makes rately better?

Rately allows brands to create their own pages and boards and provides a visually appealing way to look at a collection of images on the most popular social media sites. The images can be shared on the brands social profiles, and provides instant feedback from some of your most valued customers.

Imagine if your purchasing department could find out which items customers want to see in your store before making a large and costly purchase order!

But even greater than the impact of companies and brands using Rately, is the user experience and how it differs from what is currently available. Sure, anyone can post an image of a dress to Facebook and ask people if they like it. Or create a board on Pinterest just for dresses.

But rately allows them to compare images from various websites and it displays your site URL and links all of their friends back to your site. It increases site traffic from social media and can improve onsite engagement and conversion.rately what are people saying

It combines the best of all the social media tools into one place where you can compare, link back to the brands site, get instant feedback and share across multiple social platforms—all while enjoying a very easy, user-friendly online experience.

So, login today and start sharing this unique tool with your fans, followers, and customers!

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