The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 12

This week in social media news has 2013 starting off with a bang.  Social media sites Facebook and Instagram both created special services for their members to share celebrating the the new year and Google+ just became a whole lot cooler for people who use Google’s blogging service.

Facebook Midnight delivery

Facebook had good intentions by letting members schedule New Year’s greetings to be sent automatically as 2013 arrived in their friends’ time zone. Soon after the “Midnight Delivery” service launched, a privacy flaw was discovered by a British IT student causing Facebook to temporarily disable the service for a few hours before restoring its functionality.

Meanwhile, Instagram created a microsite allowing their members to showcase their photos as the clock struck midnight.  The microsite aggregated pictures from various timezones withing a specific time frame.

Instagram NYE

Google couldn’t allow themselves to be out of the social media enhancement loop this week.  Google added a very nice Google+ feature to their blogging platform Blogger.

When Blogger users want to mention someone in their blog posts, they are now able to add a link to a Google+ profile or page by simply adding “+” before a person’s or company’s name.

Google+ mentions

The mentioned profile or page will show as a link in the published post and hovering over the link will show a card with more information.  The feature also gives the reader an ‘Add to circles’ option.

While this is only the first week of 2013, the competition to be the top social media network of the year is already heating up.  Twitter is set to have an interesting year and who knows what YouTube video will top Oppan Gangnam Style.

One thing for sure is that we will be here to keep you updated for the next 51 weeks!




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