The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 13

The most valuable piece of information to any business is feedback from customers.  When Twitter gained popularity, business cringed at the fact that customers had an audience they could speak to when bad customer service was experienced or observed.  Not only could people tweet their feelings, but they could also post a picture of the location where they had the bad experience for all their friends to see. Fast forward past Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Pinterest, and arrives newcomer Betterific.

Betterific provides users with an online suggestion box, categories and betterific users to follow.  Niche market you say? I’d say you are absolutely correct!


Though still in the beta stage, Betterific has slowly gained popularity.  Although growth may be slow, there are some pretty good suggestions on Betterific that would put smiles on a lot of customer’s faces while increasing sales at the same time.

Just when you thought enough Pinterest “spin-offs” have been launched, Catmoji has stepped up to the World Wide Web stage.

The newest photo sharing site allows cat lovers to broadcast photos and videos of their favorite feline for online gawkers to like, comment and use emojis to express their emotions.


Sounds crazy? Not really if you think about the value this site creates for brands using Pinterest such as Friskies and Fresh Step.

While this week’s wrap up features two new social sharing sites on opposite ends of the spectrum, both hold represent the potential value of niche social communities.

Should the number of active monthly users increase apace with internet popularity; both social communities will become very attractive for PPC advertising, sponsored messages and members only special offers.

Facebook and Twitter still reign supreme, but in terms of value, marketing to the smaller, niche social communities has the potential to generate a better ROI.

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