The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 14

Whoever said social media was just a fad and would not be around forever was wrong! It’s going to be around forever, how the stored information will be distributed is the mystery.

Remember when the Library of Congress announced via Facebook they had acquired the ENTIRE Twitter archive dating back to March 2006? If not, be aware they have been archiving every public tweet since April 2010.

While the archived tweets will be useful in the future, the Library of Congress hasn’t a clue how they are going to make the tweets public!

Maybe the Library of Congress should contact Getty Images for ideas since Getty Images recently launched “The Feed by Getty Images”.

Producing more than ten thousand images per day, Getty Images will feed photographs based on Twitter’s trending topics to @FeedMeGetty and the Pinterest styled


Facebook’s privately held conference at their headquarters created some noteworthy news this week other than being responsible for reuniting a brother and sister after 65 years of separation.

The social network (no pun intended), unveiled a more advanced internal search engine, titled Graph Search.

While most were expecting Facebook to reveal something revolutionary (myself included), the new and improved search function will be a very useful tool for community managers, people who are looking for friends who reside in a city/state they are traveling to and people who are simply looking for those with common interests (hmm…a new dating technique?).


With a new and improved search bar, Graph Search provides users with a new way of interacting with Facebook and give businesses a new way to interact with people who like their page.

Currently, Graph search is in beta format. You can join their waiting list if you are itching to try out the new features or you can wait with the millions of people concerned about the potential privacy issues.

Check out the video of Graph Search in action:

Well folks…that sums up the big news this week. Graph search will invade Facebook soon for everyone to try. Have fun searching!







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