The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 15

Facebook’s Conversion Measurement for Advertisers

Facebook…the ever evolving social business structure that is the first thought of nearly every web marketing client. What about Facebook? How do you know if it is generating leads? How will I know if I am getting legitimate conversions?

Well, this week Facebook took one more step towards answering all of those questions with a new platform aimed at direct marketers. Announced last November and launched on January 22nd is Facebook’s new Conversion Measurement for Advertisers.

From the Facebook Studio Blog: “Facebook conversion measurement allows
advertisers to measure the ROI of their Facebook ads by counting
relevant user actions, such as registrations and shopping cart checkouts, that are driven by people seeing an ads on Facebook.”

Facebook also claims that the new conversion measurement will measure across multiple platforms. For the first time marketers will be able to see if a user sees an ad on one platform, and converts someplace else. This will be most helpful for direct response marketers such as travel sites, e-commerce, retail, , financial services, and other direct-response industries who track conversions on their websites.

Facebook has a short tutorial available, along with the services it is currently available for, including; power editor, the ads manager, and to API partners.

This new tool is being well received so far. Have you used it? If so, please let us know what you thought in the comments!

Quora Blogs

Quora (product)

Another exciting development in the social business world is the launch of Quora’s Blog platform. This site is a Q&A site where you can go to get questions answered in a large array of areas .

Unlike ChaCha, another Q&A site devoted to answering more frivolous or at least random questions, Quora is more of ‘question and in depth discussion’ type of Q&A site. Quora’s CEO Adam D’Angelo, announced last month that Quora would have a new mission going forward into 2013. As Quora was meant to help spread knowledge freely throughout the web,  Quora has now set up blogging with the hope that people will be able to more easily share their knowledge and expertise on any given topic.

Any blogger knows that getting a following of any sort is really difficult unless you have some sort of celebrity status, or something you can give away. Even if you have something ( a product or service) to give away, unless your blog is fairly well known, no one is going to know about it without a lot of publicity. Quora is offering a way for bloggers to share their knowledge without the hard work of starting their own personal blog.

How does this help create conversions for you? Well, contributing content to this site, while citing where you gained the knowledge, where the reader can go for more information, or the best product for their needs can drive some traffic to your site. As with any altrustic online venture, Quora probably won’t want people promoting products just for the sake of promoting products, but that will come if the platform becomes popular. For now, enhancing your online presence, creating an online reputation and helping your fellow man are all nicely accomplished within the new Quora blogs.

So, until next week, happy socializing, friends!


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