New Year’s Resolutions for Website Experiences in 2013

Website Design Resolutions In the web industry, a single year of events can seem like a half dozen compared to those in life outside of our work. I assume anyone reading this knows that technology for designing, developing, testing and marketing online changes faster than most can keep up with!

So, he’s a short list of what we resolve to change in our own daily practice for the betterment of website experiences and raising the bar – hopefully inspiring and influencing our peers and clients alike.

  1. Increase awareness of adaptive content as the catalyst for progression in responsive/adaptive website designs. Free your content… and your masses will follow (thanks, Funkadelic).
  2. Make visitor-experiences game-like in order to be more interactive. When it feels like you’re playing while completing information or making choices, visitors are drawn to continue.
  3. Provide meaningful experiences – We can’t say it better “…shift from metrics to meaning. Simply showing people their past behavioral patterns will no longer be enough; consumers are reaching a point of having too much data. The next opportunity lies in taking this data and suggesting slight behavior modifications to improve the consumer’s life. Don’t just build an app to help me record my sleep. Instead, tell me the story of what I can specifically do to improve my sleep.” – Sarah Doody
  4. Design cleaner websites with minimalist designs to provide more focus on the content rather than structured navigation. When navigating from a search engine, any “page” and it’s content is a “Landing page”.
  5. Design to delight – More flat, “authentic digital” interfaces while keeping subtle textures (for simulating tactile feel) on interactive features and introduce shadowing or blurring for emulation of 3D space or depth.
  6. See to it that this year, the multitude of current trends leaning on HTML5 and CSS3 matures. In 2013, experimentation will make way for refinement.
  7. Use less vendor-generated script-based social badges in favor of consolidated social media for less clutter (and improving your brand), improved loading performance and better/simplified analytics.

Thanks for reading and cheers to your own resolutions and milestones set.

James is passionate about making the web a user-friendly place for all. He’s a seasoned web developer & usability pro who has built literally hundreds of websites over the past 15 years. No surprise, he writes frequently on web usability and accessibility issues.

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