Welcome Geoff and Jenna! (Officially, Anyway)

TKG would like to welcome two new faces to the TKG family. You have probably already seen their handiwork here on the blog, so now we’d like to give you some faces to go with those names! And we apologize for being remiss — we were waiting for our new site to launch so you could check out their Meet the Group profiles!

Geoff Taylor (yep, we have two Geoffs and a Jeff now) joined TKG’s Web Marketing team as a Web Marketing Specialist this December, and jumped right into writing for TKGenius. geoff_taylor

Prior to TKG, Geoff spent some time in retail management, then did some time at a marketing agency as well as running his own website  – so he gets the whole retail-marketing-web thing from just about every angle!

As a family man, Geoff knows that a little bit of down time can produce a fair amount of creativity, so his first impression of TKG was probably what cinched the deal for him, “I knew it had to be a great place to work with a pool table right next to the receptionist desk!” Yes, Geoff, we all like the pool table, though the Wii is a close second.

While the web can be fluent and flexible, the most important thing about web marketing is perseverance. Geoff told us a little story about the way his dad taught him this very valuable tool:

”I bought my first car at 16 after selling this hideous station wagon my dad gave me.  I went to the west side of Cleveland to a used car lot and was so eager to purchase a car, I bought the car without knowing anything about it.  I couldn’t even drive it home since it was a stick and I didn’t know how to drive one.  My dad had to drive my brand new used car home.  Once we got home he took my house keys from me and told me I couldn’t come back home until I learned how to drive a stick.”

While we won’t lock him out until he learns the next big web marketing strategy, we are glad to have Geoff and his perseverance on board! Welcome, Geoff!

Jenna Sabarini came to us from afar. Like, the hinterlands – Nebraska, to be exact.  When she became TKG’s newest Web Marketing Specialist and shortest “groupie” last November, we were busy making merry, getting ready for the holidays and generally getting our clients’ all set for the coming year so Jenna didn’t get much of a welcome on the blog. Well, Jenna quietly worked her way into TKG and the blog and now we’d like to give her the fanfare and welcome she deserves!

jennaJenna is from Nebraska – a big Huskers fan, so she is glad that Ohio has so much interest in sports (she doesn’t know the half of it, right?). Jenna loves trying new restaurants and is looking for recommendations locally owned places with vegetarian offerings. If you know a great place, link it in the comments!

Before making the cross country move to the O-H, Jenna gained an awful lot of marketing experience in Omaha where she was the one woman marketing department for a real estate office.  She was their marketing wonder woman; she developed a company blog, created mass email campaigns, provided Realtors with printed and online marketing flyers, and presented weekly business coaching meetings.

After that she was the Production Coordinator for a Texas based marketing agency, which produced weekly circular advertisements. Finally, before coming to TKG, Jenna also did some time with an advertising agency in Omaha, developing media plans and buys in radio, television, online display, and print mediums. We think all that experience will help Jenna fit right in here at TKG – she’s already hit the ground running! Welcome to TKG and TKGenius, Jenna! We’re glad to have you aboard!

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