Let Me Tell You About 15 Years of TKG

James Golden, Aaron geh, Geoff Karcher, Dan Hall

This blog is mostly about web marketing, social media, web development; all the things TKG does so well.

I keep a personal blog as well, where I can feel free to let my mushy, emotional side show. Today, I am going to let my sentimental side show a little here too. Because, heck, it’s been 15 amazing years here at TKG, and I am a little mushy and emotional about that.

I wasn’t an employee of TKG when Geoff and Dana first started an “internet business” in my parents’ basement. I was there, and did an occassional run through the basement rec room with a dust rag and vacuum cleaner, but I was married, and having babies and still going to college when it all started. But I was there, let me tell you what I remember…

I remember Geoff and Dana and Dad all laying around the rec room before it became an office, trying to come up with a great name for the company.

I remember Geoff buying a zillion boxes of Girl Scout cookies from my daughter to pass out to potential clients.

I remember helping Dana fill out “keyword” forms for new clients – really boring data entry of keywords one might use to find a company online, not too different from today, right? But the process was tedious, but we were doing it – one of the first companies to do it, certainly one of the very first in our area to offer any kind of search engine optimization.

I remember cook outs in the backyard because Mom always had a full fridge and the guys were always broke back then.

I remember Geoff being so excited with a big ($4000) sale.

I remember when Geoff and Dana, Aaron and James made the move to the Glass Tower in Belden Village. I remember when Dan joined the Group. Glass Tower

I remember so much success in those early years, everyone was excited about the web, everyone wanted in on it, and Geoff was excellent at making people understand why they needed to get an online presence. I remember crazy parties and practical jokes and lots of fun.

I remember trying to file (by hand in those days) paperwork and having to go ask everyone but James what their handwritten notes said, because you couldn’t read the handwriting. It was always the newest hire’s job to file, no matter what your position was.

I remember Geoff and Aaron and James and Dan and Patrick working all day at the office in the Glass Tower and then heading over to the new space (my dad often joining them) to build out the space themselves. That’s what I love about this place, these guys have a stake, because they built it themselves.  Probably why they love this place, too.



In 15 years there are so many memories, I am having a hard time picking which ones to share, so I will share one last thing, and I have asked the rest of the Group to share some of their favorites as well.



Check back with us later in the week to find out how Aaron made Dan barf in the hallway at the Glass Tower, how many balloons it takes to fill and office, how many babies have been born to TKGers since it all started, and plenty more!Photo_50ACA857-1078-306E-9BE2-FE81C491F79F



kitchen at Lauby Road

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