Let Us Tell You About the Last 15 Years at The Karcher Group

Last week I told you a little about the last 15 years here at TKG. I invited everyone here at TKG to share some of their favorite memories as well…

Me – watching my brother grow into a successful young business man, with an eye on the future, a heart full of passion, a head filled with ideas and a soul blessed with integrity. IMG_9213 geoff, chuck & phil

Momma K – favorite memories are when Geoff was in the 1st Class of YStark!’s 20 Under 40, and watching all those young kids grow up, get married and have children of their own.(There are now 51 TKG kids!)

PW – Fun – when we used to park our jeeps on the large snow piles in the parking lot by Belden Village St at the Glass tower.. One time we even got photographed and in the Repository. Big – when CNN came to our offices and did a story on the company and interviewed Geoff.

Aaron – The Mayo Incident – I made a bet with Dan; he had to eat 5 heaping spoonfuls of mayo, which he did. in the end he puked it up, so I guess I really won.

Geoff – Dan played an amazing trick on Aaron way back in the day. It involved Microsoft software piracy and allegations and it scared him to death. It was great!

Dana – The day Geoff brought back our 1st ever down payment – $500 cash – and we totally thought we had “made it’!


  • The afternoons spent down @ BW3s solving all the worlds problems
  • The time Dustin and I drove all night to Cincinnati to rescue some server equipment from a colo-partnership deal going bad (I may still have security footage Matt O turned into a 007 flash movie)
  • All of the pranks pulled on various people over the years
    • Aaron with Microsoft coming to get him for illegal software
    • Geoff with the ½ filled Dixie cups from his desk to door
    • Filling the middle sales room with balloons when we moved to the new office
    • Hi Jacking Google internally to serve Geoff supports Hillary Clinton for President search results
  • Site nights when we worked on thekarchergroup.com after hours with pizza and beer – I don’t remember anything really getting done on the site though

Jon – I haven’t been with the company for that long but the Dress Up Like Patrick Contest was pretty funny.hallowilloughby

Josh – I think most things that we do at TKG are worth mentioning, the issue is there are too many. For example, the Harlem shake, random pranks on Geoff, every camping trip.

Collyn – I’m gonna go with the Louisville Bowling Alley Christmas party. The outfits, the food, the location. It was ridiculous. I think we made the best out of not being able to have the party at Geoff and Amy’s that year.IMG_4812

Jen –

  • Presenting at our Search Made Simple seminars in Columbus, Cleveland and Akron/Canton
  • Sharing our wedding day with everyone from TKG, including those in the wedding party (Emily, James, Geoff)
  • Traveling to conferences in Photo_8952BD78-8A0A-66C7-AC1C-CE41A38D65A1Seattle, Chicago, NYC, etc
  • The baby shower TKG threw for us
  • The exceptionally long lunches/early happy hour at BW3’s when we were in the old building

James – Mine is and probably always will be the excitement and “start-up” feeling while working from the Karcher homestead. Things like these also come to mind:

  • Starting the day early enough to walk in with family members still asleep or just as they’re waking up (sometimes setting off the house alarm)
  • The challenge presented by Geoff to learn HTML after thinking I’m hired doing design
  • Raiding Momma K’s fridge for lunch AND using the grill to cook it
  • Having the best TKG mascot, Toby (Karcher family dog), keeping my feet warm

Jack – Here are a few things, they are pretty general but are things that stand out as good memories.

  • Camping Trips
  • Brain Fights
  • Cook outs on the patio

Stacy – The first time I did a blind folded activity at the camping trip.  Seeing all of the big tough guys walking around holding onto each other was hilarious!

Hannah -I would have to say my favorite memories are the camping trip scavenger hunt from two years ago (we had to ask other people at the camp ground for items while blindfolded and working in groups). That and definitely our impromptu lunch cookouts!

Sam – I remember when we used to use a gong to launch a website.(I think we still do when someone remembers!)mcd & jon

And a few of the Classics –

Ahh the good ole’ days at the Karcher’s homestead:

  • Geoff – “Here’s $300, see you on Monday”
  • Coming to work @ 7:00am to find Dana in PJs – or just a t-shirt
  • The 386 the company was started/hosted/developed/emailed on/through.

We officially spread our wings at the Glass Tower:

  • Midnight Booth Building – Night before the Know Show in Cleveland Ohio. Built 4 (heavy) wooden, padded and cloth-covered panels in Geoff’s basement on Mt. Vernon. Done by GK, AG, JG, PW, DH. Transported in Aaron’s Ford Ranger to the show, in the snow, in Cleveland.
  • Moving from the 7th floor to the 5th to get away from pervasive cig smoke
  • Pregnancy – 9 TKG ladies pregnant in one year
  • Providing BW3s with plenty of revenue

We become grown ups with our own space at Hangar 5590 so we can:

  • Fill up the sale guys’ office with balloons
  • Line Geoff’s entire office floor with paper cups of water
  • Get the street sign that put our name in lightsIMG_7411
  • Cook out on our own deck

TKG is a special place, made ever more so by the memories we have made together. Here’s to the last 15, and may there be many more to come. Cheers, guys!

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