A Tweet-to-Runway Show: Genius or Not So Genius?

Discount retailer extraordinaire (and one of my personal favorites) Target has launched a new advertising campaign, to promote its “Everyday Collection”. The Everyday Collection is Target’s most recent campaign, meant to showcase standard household and grocery items sold in their stores in a new light.


Doing the smart thing, and making sure the campaigns fit well across all mediums, the Everyday Collection went all out digital with a live online event called a Tweet-to-Runway Show, or “a runway spectacular inspired by everyday tweets.”

The Twitter runway event went live on January 24th on YouTube with examples of products featured in Everyday Collection ads. Some of the items include steak, chips, brownie mix and ramen noodles. Each ad includes a model dressed in white in front of a white Target logo. The model reads an everyday tweet that goes along with the product be featured.

To get Twitter users to participate, Target provided $20 gift cards to those who had their tweet featured.


Target really scores big here because they made sure that their traditional advertising campaign had a strategy that could be applied through social media and that didn’t lose the look or feel of the campaign. Not only that, but it encouraged user engagement with a great incentive!

While being funny, silly and kind of ridiculous, Target managed to position themselves and their brand as digitally savvy—all while promoting lackluster products.

What do you think about this social media integration? Genius or Not So Genius? Check out some of the Tweet to Runway videos and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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