Hilary Stephens, Receptionist Extraordinaire

Welcome Hilary!    photo

TKG has grown by leaps and bounds this winter –we’ve introduced you to many new faces and now we’d like to introduce you to Hilary Stephens.

Hilary Stephens is our new receptionist and resident smart aleck, which we mean in the best possible way. She has been a breath of fresh air around here during these cold winter months! She’s the cheerful voice on the phone and the beautiful smile behind the desk when you come through the door. Hilary will be working with Stacy and Hannah on the “Essentials” team to make sure TKG is running smoothly.

Hilary comes to TKG from Federal Express, where she was a “White Glove Agent” – Customer Service specializing in Government, Hazmat, Animal, Temp Controlled, and Art Shipments. In her spare time, you can find her hanging with her identical twin, Heather, on the softball fields (indoor and outdoor) all over North East Ohio. Her goal for this year is to condition and train for tryouts with the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance) and the Cleveland Fusion. Aside from her crazy love of full contact sports, Hilary enjoys shopping, spending time with her 2 year old nephew Easton, and playing in the snow with her gorgeous one eyed Siberian Husky, Katiya.

We asked Hilary for a funny story from her past, just to get to know her a little better. PGJ4As twins,Hilary and Heather got in plenty of trouble swapping places in school, even at the tender age of 5!  Though they plotted and planned the whole way to school, they still got busted by Hilary’s teacher, who figured out the switch when Heather didn’t know how to dress the classroom weather man. She just couldn’t be cool! Hilary’s pretty sure that’s why she and her sister were never placed in the same classroom for the rest of their school days – and we think she’s probably right!

It sounds as though Hilary will fit right in with the crazy around here! How about a shout out to welcome Hilary in the comments, she can’t wait to meet you!

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