The Social Business News Wrap on #TKGenius | Volume 18

Amazon Snags Downtown Abbey Episodes downtown abbey

And what does this have to do with social business, you ask? Just this, Amazon is working hard to gain TV shows and viewers to grab a large piece of the streaming pie. Downtown Abbey regularly blows up both Twitter and Facebook with the onset of each episode and commentary thereafter.

As we reported to you last week, Social Media and TV are coming together in a way that blends both technologies. Streaming adds another facet to this new marketing path.

Amazon is already a tremendous player in web game. They do a huge business with the sales of ebooks, goods, office supplies, and yes, streaming video. I have often streamed a movie that is otherwise hard to find, but I had not really thought of Amazon as my go to for television shows. Amazon is looking to change all that  – they are purchasing the rights to Downtown Abbey  – all past episodes and any future episodes. Anything that is currently on Hulu and Netflix will disappear sometime this year. Of course, you can watch current episodes on, but not Season 1 or 2.

As social media and television continue to intertwine, this type of purchase will become even more meaningful for advertisers. Twitter and Facebook already seen plenty of posts with each new episode. What will happen to social tv as it applies to streaming valuable, high interest content? Not only will Amazon make money on subscriptions, individual streams, and so on, but they will also be able to allow advertisers to market on streamed video.

Social TV – on your current broadcasts, streamed video, on demand programming…endless advertising options for marketers.

Have you done the Harlem Shake?       harlem shake meme

The Harlem Shake – the newest, hottest thing in internet memes. If you haven’t seen it, heard it, or participated in it, you have not spent a lot of time on the web lately.

TKG likes to join in the fun, and watching my co-workers film TKG’s version of the Harlem Shake was a lot of fun. But, you might want to ask, do we gain from spending a good chunk of our morning shimmy-shaking for the interwebs?

Well, for one thing, we had a lot of fun. Two, we posted the video on Facebook, Youtube, and will be putting links on Twitter and probably a small loop on Vine as well.

Does this meme tell you how awesome we are at Web design? No. Does it tell you how fabulous we are at getting results for our Web Marketing clients. Probably not. Does it even show you our awesome videography skills? Well…you decide. But, it gets our name out there, it gets us in front of clients, friends, fans, and maybe their clients, friends and fans. It gives us an opportunity to spread the word about our business through being social. And it shows you what we’re really like when clients aren’t in the office expecting us to be all business like and such.

Buying Stuff with #Hashtags?amex

As of Wednesday, Amex card holders can buy stuff by tweeting #hashtags. All you have to do is sync your credit card with your Twitter account, and you can begin making purchases through Twitter using hashtags.

You can sign up for deals by following what your favorites have offered, tweet the proffered hashtag, and start the purchase process. Overall, it only sounds good to me if there are incredible deals that can only be found on Twitter. But I have to wonder how hard this whole thing will be to hack, I mean, someone hacked my Twitter account last week. I guess we’ll see how long it lasts and determine how good it is by that measure.

Here’s the handy how-to video: Amex Sync On Twitter

So, will you be syncing, or do you think you will just keep shopping the “old fashioned way”? You know, inputting the credit card info yourself?


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