Mind Your Social Media Manners: Valentine's Day Edition

What better time for a quick refresher on social media etiquette than on Valentine’s Day? It’s a tricky holiday – you might be feeling lots of “lurrrrve” toward that special someone in your life, OR you might be fresh off of a break up, and by golly, you’re going to vent about it.

Whatever your situation may be, it’s tempting to turn to the Interwebz to share your deepest, most heartfelt emotions. But before you do that, read our advice so you get through this Valentine’s Day unscathed by the online world.

Make Sure Your Relationship Can Handle The Online Attention

let go

It’s a fact that older, more established relationships have a far easier time navigating holidays like Valentine’s Day. That’s because these couples often have children, and therefore Valentine’s Day is just another day to order takeout.

If you’re in a brand new or newer relationship, however, more is at stake. Dinner and a new outfit are probably involved. That doesn’t mean you need to make a Big Online Gesture…such as posting how “amazing” the new dude is on his Facebook wall. There’s already a lot of built-in pressure on this day. Best to save these gestures for another day so that you: 1) don’t scare off your new love interest, 2) let them ease slowly into your online existence, 3) focus on that person and not social media reactions.

Plus, if you’re at an early stage in the dating game, the next logical step in your relationship is to find every possible thing wrong with that person. (Right?! Or was that just me on the dating scene way back when?) Things like tagging, public wall posts, Instagramming, checking-in, etc., can put too much attention on a new relationship. And God forbid, don’t go changing your Facebook relationship status without talking to the other person first.

Keep the Mushy Stuff Private

OK, it’s tempting on Valentine’s Day to get all mushy and over-the-top romantic on social media. But best to save those messages for TEXTING or IN PERSON. Here’s the deal: no one really wants to read that stuff anyway, and everyone already assumes you love your significant other a whole lot. Also? There’s a bunch of people out there for whom Valentine’s Day is a really crappy day. Go easy on the broken-hearted and down-on-their-dating-luck by minimizing the public lovey-dovey talk.

Unlucky in Love?

Maybe you’ve been recently jilted by a lover or maybe your hubby forgot to get you roses. I know it’s tempting, but unless you can mix in a heavy dose of humor, try to avoid venting about these things on social media.

lonelyPlenty among us have had a Valentine’s day alone or a significant other dropped the gift-giving ball. Talk to a friend, talk to your mom, write in your journal…these are all better options than an online pity party with hundreds of “friends.”

Put the Phone Down

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 15 years or 15 minutes, put your phone down on Valentine’s Day. We know, we know – your phone is more interesting than your significant other. But, chances are the wifey changed out of her yoga pants, or the hubs went out of his way to make dinner reservations, so use this as an opportunity to reconnect, and let others on the other end of your phone connection do the same.

steve jobsIt’s a win-win-win: your significant other will appreciate the attention, you’ll feel good about doting on someone (something?) other than your phone, and your online friends will be so encouraged by your lack of interaction with them that they’ll want to follow your lead with their significant other. Pay it forward!

Need some more advice? Mashable and HuffPo have weighed in on the subject with some excellent advice as well.

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