Meet TKG’s Facebook Community Manager

Anything worth doing is worth doing well…or so the saying goes. After years of rather half-heartedly tending to our Facebook page, we decided TKG’s Facebook presence needed someone to give it a little TLC.

Jen and her husband Aaron geeking out at Content Marketing World.

Jen and her husband Aaron geeking out at Content Marketing World.

Before I get into the details of the who-what-why, let me say that being a successful B-2-B on Facebook is not easy. Sure, your favorite sports team or soft drink, or even local restaurant, have a natural affinity with Facebook. But we’re in the web biz. Essential to any marketing plan? YES. Part of your daily consumption of goods and services? Not so much.

BUT. We have something a lot of B-to-Bs don’t – a pretty special culture at TKG, “Google-lite” if you will, and one that is especially unique in Northeast Ohio.

Jennifer Geh, a TKG “old-timer” (sorry, Jen!), recognized this and stepped up to serve as TKG’s Facebook Community Manager. This, on top of her regular job managing digital marketing strategies for some pretty stellar companies and organizations.

I’ve been at TKG almost as long as Jen (fellow old-timer), and I can tell you that she was the perfect person for the task: she knows TKG in and out, embodies our “work hard/play hard” philosophy, and has been super-involved on social media since the get-go.

So that person behind all those TKG Facebook posts, pics and videos over the past few months? That’s Jen. I asked her a few questions about being a Community Manager; here’s what she had to say:

How do you come up with all your ideas?
Many of the posts to TKG’s page are relevant to things that just happen around the office, so I’m always thinking (probably too much) of ways to take what’s happening offline and translate into something that would be fun online. As a digital strategist, this is my wheelhouse, so it’s (usually) easy to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest!

You obviously spend a lot of time on Facebook. What’s your favorite thing about it? Making announcements to the masses! You no longer have to put together an I’m prego announcement or deal with mailing 100 engagement announcements. With the majority of our offline social networks on FB, it’s so much easier to reach out to all your friends at once.

As a community manager, you have to be online posting and checking comments 24/7. How do you manage that?
I’m on my FB pages iPhone app (a lot). I also religiously use the FB scheduler and typically plan out posts for a week, sometimes two in advance. One of the biggest challenges is staying on top of current events and posting based on what’s happening in the world and our NEO community. You can’t schedule those posts so it’s important to be as timely as possible.

What has been your biggest  success in terms of Facebook engagement?
A few “campaigns” have created some fantastic engagement since I took over as community manager late last year. Last year we did a Back to School series. We also did a Flashback Friday series (before the #tbt movement). Even just posting photos of office shenanigans tend to get people talking!

Any TKG Facebook favorite moments?
The Harlem Shake video and behind the scenes footage was perfectly timed and received a lot of engagement. You never know with this type of content if it will resonate with your audience – in this case it did and was hilarious!

What’s essential to making a community grow and be interactive?
Post relevant, timely content that stands out in the news feed.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to other community managers just starting out? Post when it makes sense to post and if you don’t have any interesting content to post about, create the content yourself.

When you’re not at TKG or on Facebook, what can we usually find you doing?
Spending time with my 2½ year old Evan, getting our lives ready for baby #2 and of course, shopping!

Lightening Round:

Name your favorite….

Sports team: The Ohio State Buckeyes
Vacation spot: Barbados
Season: Summer
Adult beverage: Pacifico
TV Show: Parenthood
Type of food: Sushi
Drink from Starbucks? Pumpkin spice latte

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