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Instead of using a phone the size of a Motorola Razr, circa 2006, why not use one the size of a small computer, circa 2012?

Introducing the “phablet”!  What’s a phablet you ask?  Well, let’s just say it’s one of the worst and least gratifying personal devices of our time.

Fox News recently came out with an article condemning six of the most ridiculous devices on the market – the first being a 7 inch tablet/phone hybrid.   The late Steve Jobs was famous for saying, “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”  And, while that is true, Samsung and company have been showing us devices that nobody should want.


I was the first person in my circle of influence to get an iPad in 2010, and multiple people actually took my iPad, held it next to their face and treated it like it was a phone.  What’s more?  They would continue to tell me they thought it would be cool to have a phone that large. Why would anyone want a device that big next to their head?

Everybody loves the iPhone 5 but there are days I regret a larger screen because it’s harder to reach the other side with my thumb to hit buttons.  While bigger is usually better it definitely does not apply to our smart phones.

Unfortunately, Samsung is not alone in this crazed list of abominations. Lenovo had the audacity to throw a 20 inch tablet at us!  That’s like picking up an iMac and carrying it around like a tablet.  My question to the computer industry is, “What’s it going to be?  A tablet or an all-in-one?” Because the way I see it you can’t have your cake and eat it too.  I’m not against the idea of an all-in-one having a touch screen but Apple has said (and I tend to agree) touch screens are best used horizontally.  Simply put, it’s too hard to use a tablet while standing up.


Have you heard of the Microsoft Surface?  How about the Surface Pro?  Well, the Surface Pro was on the list.  If you aren’t familiar with the Surface Pro, it’s an $899 tablet with a core i5 processor.

Unlike the paralyzed Surface (it runs a version of Windows that can’t run normal apps like Firefox), the Surface Pro is a full computer in a tablet form factor.  I will say that Microsoft is much more in sync with the device buying public than Lenovo but is there really demand for an $899 tablet?

chromebook-pixelChromebooks have potential, while they are not full scale computers, they do give users the ability to harness the power of the cloud in a nice little package that looks like a netbook. The idea of a Chromebook is to run cloud-based web apps and they only run the Chrome web browser from Google (hence the name Chromebook).

So, you can understand the frustration with the Chromebook Pixel.  The Pixel is another misguided effort from Samsung that makes no sense and is doomed from the outset. The pixel is a $1,299 laptop that can only run a web browser.  If you are going to spend $1,299 on a laptop you should buy a 13” MacBook Pro which will run circles around the Pixel.

There are a couple of other devices on the list but as you can tell there is frustration with the general state of consumer electronics.   It would be nice if these companies would stop producing sub-par gadgets that are obscenely excessive and start producing gadgets that make our lives easier.

We would ask Siri how to do accomplish this but she would just say “Searching Google for ‘How to make life easier’’……

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