How Play Helps Do Better Work

pool tableWhistle while you work…

Or play pool. Or darts. Or Wii. Or Foosball.

Here at TKG, we are a fun loving bunch. We believe in a work hard/play hard mentality.

Clients often walk into our offices a bit surprised at the amount of recreation we have available. Often to the point of making a comment something like “does anyone work around here?!”

The reality is, the team here, like many companies, works VERY hard. Often, late into the night and on weekends for our clients.

So if we’re working so hard, why all the games?? Why would any company want to foster that kind of enticing downtime?

It’s proven that people work better together with people they know and respect. In a technology industry such as ours, it can be challenging to get to know each other from behind a computer screen – whether that’s an IM chat session, text, facebook message, tweet, etc.

We see a 10 minute break over a game of pool as a chance to get up from the computer, stretch the legs and talk over an issue in a much more enjoyable (and often productive) way than with a flurry of emails or other electronic communication.

Team bonding during a lunch break over a heated game of Mario Brothers on the Wii fosters the kind of rapport with team members that can help them power through challenges the rest of the afternoon.

There is a method to the madness, and it often is madness indeed!

TKG is not alone in this approach. Many tech and other forward thinking companies are taking a similar approach. Google, for one, practically invented it years ago for their employees.

So, if you have never been to the TKG offices, please stop by. If you’re a regular, next time you are in, challenge Chuck or Todd to a game of Pool. Or maybe Dan, Andrew or Sam to a round on the Wii. Or Jon or Geoff T. to a game of darts.

We’re working hard for our clients, so I’m sure someone will be ready for a break and accept the challenge.



As VP of Operations, Patrick (P-Dub to us) ensures operations run smoothly, clients are happy, AND the light bulbs come on around here. On the blog, he shares his 10+ years of experience helping to oversee a growing tech business.

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