5 Excellent Sources for Low Cost and Free Market Research

Market ResearchIf you’re charged with online marketing in your company, chances are that you will probably be required to provide some general research that supports your strategic ideas.

For most small and medium-sized businesses (and sometimes large ones as well), paying a savvy market research firm is oftentimes outside of the reach of your departmental budget.

But fear not, there are good sources available where you can get current, and even customizable market research to support your strategy and business case.

Here are some sources you can check out today:

  1. Think With Google: In the last year, this great resource from Google has become on of my favorite places to check for statistics, studies and insights on current trends in the online space. Think With Google is particularly helpful when trying to build target audience profiles for just about any customer segment.
  2. Pew Research: Pew is a wealth of knowledge on a variety of industries and consumer segments. You can find data and insights, infographics, videos and trend information that spans industries from banking to music, and everything in between.
  3. Nielsen Ratings: Nielsen is definitely a source to watch in that they recently have partnered with Twitter to produce the Nielsen-Twitter TV Rating — a new metric that explores real-time conversations on Twitter related to television programming.  There are a ton of studies, reports and other media available for download.
  4. SurveyGizmo: I’ve passed on using a lot of other online survey software over the years, always gravitating back to SurveyGizmo for all my needs. This tool is well designed, and has a ‘freemium’ model that will fit well for most small projects. For larger surveys, the upgrade is very affordable.
  5. Quantcast: This site provides free basic data on the make up of visitors who frequent your website, broken down by demographic and psycho-graphic data.  For the free version, the data may not be completely up to date, but the report will at least give you a basic snapshot that you can use to match up against your own analytics.

What Market Research Tools Do You Use Today?

Let me know what you’re using in the comments below.  Have you had success with any other research sites or tools?

Please add yours to the list in the comment section!

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