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Amazon Prime, Ebay Now, Google Get it Yesterday?   online-shopping

The social media word is buzzing about Google this week. I mean, it’s always buzzing about Google, but this week it is buzzing about Google and shopping.

Google is rumored to be contemplating a platform similar to Amazon Prime. Now, for full disclosure, I flat out love, adore and sing serenades to and about Amazon Prime. Knowing that I can order something today and have it at my door two days later, and very likely sooner, is great. Especially since I live in a small, rural town with three semi-worthless stores. My kids regularly ask me, “What is coming in a box tomorrow, Mommy?” . That being said, I am all for a little competition. Amazon is notorious for some crazy prices…some things are really great, while others are astronomical. Competition might force who sell with Amazon Fulfillment to price things a little more reasonably. It might force the price of the service itself down as well, though how they will beat $79.00 a year  for all the different services you get (streaming video, kindle books, fast, free delivery, subscription services, etc.) is beyond me.

Ebay sort of has something similar, called Ebay Now, but it is just for a couple of select cities, and really doesn’t help most of us when we are in a time crunch and really don’t want to drag ourselves out to a brick and mortar and be subject to only what is in stock. Now, I think the idea is really great, but it seems like the items would be quite costly once they got to you. It really doesn’t amount to much more than a messenger service for a couple of cities in Cali and  part of NYC. You download the app, then use it to shop participating local retailers, then someone goes and buys what you need and delivers it to you. it only costs $5 per order right now, while it is still in beta, but  I would love to know what the actual overhead is…$5 isn’t going to cover gas, let alone time.

Techcrunch is reporting that the new service, if it comes into being, could cost between $64 and $69 and offer same day delivery. That would be quite a feat, since Amazon Prime is currently $79 and has free two day, and charges an extra $3.99 for next day delivery. If they manage to pull that off, I can see Amazon having to play or go home. The online shopping world is about to get very interesting, folks!

What the Facebook Redesign Means for Business    Like-Us-On-Facebook-Poster-212x300

Nate talked about this yesterday, but I had already planned it, so you get to hear about it from my perspective. Luckily, I didn’t read his (yet) so it should be a different angle.
Or maybe you are wondering how all of these relatively small tweaks Facebook keeps making really matter in the grand scheme of social media marketing. What is boils down to is this; the feed is changing, everything is getting bigger, and other sites, including but not limited to e-commerce and other social media sites will be getting more exposure, better ad space, essentially, more visibility. That means that your Facebook efforts are more visible than ever, making them more important than ever.

This is Techcrunch’s summary of the changes as they effect advertisers:

“Here’s how the design changes will affect advertisers, though. Facebook cleaned up its UI to give more space in the central feed for photos. When businesses buy feed ads that feature a photo, those photos will be bigger. This could lure more luxury brands who are used to larger homepage takeovers and glossy magazine ads.”

So, if you are using Facebook, the activity on your page will be meaningful if you are not buying the ad space that the bigger fish can buy. Promoting yourself on Facebook will become a key element in social media marketing if that is a goal for your company. Because they have changed how the feed works, (there are now two feeds, one for friends, and one for likes and followers). Your visibility will now depend on which of these feeds your followers frequent most often. Finding legitimate ways to get on both feeds will be challenging, and like Google of the past, Facebook will be penalizing any who misuse the “Friends only” feed.

What it boils down to is a greater ability of the user to choose how they view Facebook. If they want to see content from advertisers, businesses, etc. then they can still do that, but now they have the ability to just skip it all if they want. I know there are certain businesses whose posts I look forward to, so I will be sure to check those out. I know lots of people have their favorites, now you just have to figure out how to be interesting enough to for people to actually seek out your content. Enjoy!


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