The Social Business News Wrap on TKGenius | Volume #20

Social Media Ebook from Dell Dell ebook screen shot

On the 28th of February Dell released it’s Social Media Ebook with predictions for social media in 2013. In it they ask some of the most successful marketers worldwide what they see happening in social media this year and what their marketing plans for the year entail. There are a few surprises inside, including *spoiler alert* – foreseeable growth for MySpace, but not Facebook. What? Hold on to your hats, folks, Social Media 2013 promises to be interesting!

Upgrades for Facebook Advertisers

So, as of this week, Facebook knows more about you than ever before, and so do it’s advertisers. Updating an already relatively insightful tool, Facebook released this statement on Tuesday:

“In September we released our custom audiences tool to let marketers reach their current customers with relevant ads on Facebook. We know that many businesses also work with third party partners to enhance their online and offline marketing in order to show more relevant ads. Today we are expanding custom audiences to allow businesses to work with select third parties, Datalogix, Epsilon, Acxiom, and BlueKai.”

So, now Facebook will be able to tell advertisers when you might want to make a purchase, based on your activity on the site. Hmmm – I mean, we all know where this has been headed, doesn’t stop it from coming across as a little creepy. But, if you are the advertiser, rather than the person receiving the messages, it is a great tool.

Social Customer Service? social media

If you are a customer using a social media site, how do you get customer service? So many brands are using social media to interact with their customer base, but often customers use social media, rather than traditional means to file complaints or ask questions about the brand. How are brands handling these requests?

We all know you need to monitor your brand reputation on social media, but how does a company handle requests, questions, concerns? They often turn to yet another platform to respond to any interaction from the public. Companies like Sprinklr are offering these services to their clients (and TKG offers these services as well).

As social media grows and becomes marketing to an ever growing extent – Social Media, Social TV, Streaming TV, etc. all of these channels will need to address how to communicate with customers on a regular basis. Gone are the days when something has to be so bad that it generates a phone call to customer service. Now customers are going to ask questions about everything.

Where is a coupon code? How do I return it? And any other customer service and product related question you can think of. Brands are going to need to find ways to answer all of these queries on an almost instant basis. If you can’t, consumers will move on to the next brand offering what they need. Is your brand up to the challenge? How have you addressed these issues, in house or did you hire someone to do your social customer service?


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