Can You Find Your Local Business on a Smartphone?

With more and more people accessing the Internet through use of a mobile device, I thought it might be fun to ask a simple question: Can you find your business on a smartphone?

Let’s assume you run a small, local business, a brick and mortar store or service, but you do not have a website – yet. You know that a good website not only makes your business credible, but it also allows people to find your company and offerings. But for whatever reason, you still do not have one (oh, the shame). How can your business still be found by people looking for your goods or services when searching with a mobile phone? Is there something you can do about it? Can you get your business listed in Google?

The answer is somewhat simple: Yes, but you’ll have to do some work. Begin by creating a Google+ page and load it with your business information. Chances are that you already have a Google e-mail address. If your business uses Gmail, YouTube or Blogger, then use the same Gmail address and provide visitors to your page as much information as possible. This is an example of how your Google+ page should look from your desktop computer or laptop with photos, contact information and descriptions. (note: You should also be asking customers to give you a review.)

Google+ Page Example

Google+ Page Example

More and more people are contacting businesses through local information being displayed directly within search engine results. Below is an example of how Allen Keith Construction appears on my desktop when I search for one of their construction services. You’ll see their website listings as well as their Google+ page listing:

Google+ Places PageNotice how the Google+ page connects to Google maps so visitors looking for your services can find you, easier.

Google+ and Google Maps

Google+ and Google Maps

Now, let’s see what happens on my iPhone; their Google+ page listing looks like this:

Google+ on Smartphone

Google+ on Smartphone













From a Google+ listing page in a mobile browser, web searchers can quickly and conveniently make a phone call, find the address with the business location marked clearly on Google maps or visit the full company website.

With people relying more and more upon their mobile phones to find information fast, if you have a business location that you would like customers to find, you need to take advantage of Google+ and this growing search versus local versus mobile trend. If not, know that your competition is definitely doing so; and it means more money in their pockets and less in yours.

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