Home Based Businesses that Made it Big with Social Media

We here at TKGenius talk a lot about social media, social business, how to apply social media to your business. This week I would like to take  a slightly different tack. I’d like to introduce you to a couple of home based businesses that are doing big business thanks to the use of social media.

Social media is the perfect avenue for promoting your home based business for a number of reasons, many of them the same as big business. But it is uniquely formulated to help the home based business owner for a number of reasons.

  1. It’s free – no further explanation needed
  2. It’s fast – it only takes seconds to Tweet or post to Facebook
  3. Most people are tech savy enough to promote a home based business
  4. You know your audience – who has purchased from you before – who might like your items, and your mom. All of these people will be great promoters.
  5. It is easy to promote something you love – and who starts a home based business if you don’t love what you are doing?

The first home based business I would like to share has gotten a lot of attention in the BB-004-BR-250x250 Tweak_Boutique_-_Logo_TWEAK_COLOURsocial media world. It is a great little jewelry shop called Tweak. Tweak is an entirely online boutique, and while that is no longer unusual, it is a relatively new phenomenon to have gotten nearly all it’s clientele from social media promotion.

Tweak has a strong following on Facebook, and Twitter, but it was the mention on a very popular blog that really sent the company skyward. Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman is almost the Oprah of the web. If she recommends it, says she likes it or promotes something in any way, you can be certain that product or service’s site will get enough traffic to crash it’s servers. She gave a review of Tweak jewelry back in 2010 that drove both traffic and sales up. Social media from back in the day – blogs – really made a difference for this site. They have potential for a lot more if they would put real efforts into their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages.

Another online entrepreneur I’d like to introduce you to is Darah, from The First Snow. il_170x135.421789642_p550

The First Snow is an Etsy shop. Darah sells custom paper good for weddings that she describes as “Art, design and little joys for her wedding and her home.”

Darah has utilized Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest as her main marketing strategies. She has managed to create a home based business from the artwork she loves to create, in a market she loves to serve, and market it to her audience through social media. The First Snow was a Featured Shop on the Etsy blog last month.

etsyfeaturedshop-firstsnowfall-thefirstsnow-etsyweddings-LRG1Her comments on the Etsy marketplace, “What Etsy provides for artists like myself is amazing. I feel so grateful that I can dream and paint from my small space in Colorado, and yet be able to reach a world-wide audience, complete with all the business tools and statistics I need. It makes it easy to focus on your work and not mess with trying to manage an e-commerce shop. Plus, it is a privilege to be in this talented community of artists.”

Etsy has indeed brought success to a lot of home based businesses – particularly talented women who have decided to start a home based business in order to stay home while raising their children. Etsy, and now social media; in particular Facebook and Pinterest have allowed home based businesses to market themselves in a way that has never been done before. You will find that many hobbies, such as knitting and crochet, painting, and other hand crafts have re-emerged as very popular – both in the activity, but in the use of the products. Hand knit items for women and children are a HUGE trend right now, as are hand lettered signs, handmade paper goods – anything that is done by hand in our mass produced world is appreciated and valued.

Finding the time to promote your business on social media platforms can be difficult when you are also trying to create something unique and make a living at it, but the web has introduced us to so very many unique and talented people. You have to be able to stand out, stand on the rooftops of Pinterest and shout. Climb to the top of Facebook by asking all of your friends to “Like” your business page, and share it. That’s a starting point. You never know who might see your work and love it…so get out there and share!

There are lots of little nuances to using social media to promote your business. Stay tuned and we will walk you through them, or share new ideas with you.

Do you have a home based business that you have marketed mainly using social media? if so, we would love to hear all about it!


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