How Video is Changing Online Advertising and Content

With the popularity of videos online, it’s not surprising that online advertising has started to appear in the form of video.  Rich media advertising specialists, Celtra, now incorporate precise reporting of user engagement and interaction with video based advertisements.

According to a recent study by Celtra, mobile video advertisements offer a completion rate of nearly 50%, meaning that almost half of all videos ads that are initiated are watched completely. To put this into perspective, the industry average click-through-rate for a standard online display ad is 0.11%.

Why does this matter for businesses?mobile video advertisement

Whether you use display advertising or not, this shift in consumer’s willingness to click on and view video advertisements enables businesses to reach their audience in ways never seen before.

Sure, we all have seen a commercial on TV. But did you choose to watch that commercial? No, it is just an interruption to the show you are interested in seeing.

And of course you’ve seen an ad online, but how often do you click on one? Many consumers are weary of online display ads, thanks to the banner ads and spam from the early days of the Internet.

This new evolution in online advertising allows businesses to say more, show more and do more with their online advertising. It gives them a chance to re-purpose commercial content or present a product through a presentation, not just a static image in a display ad. And users are responding and consuming the content.

While rich media display ads can be expensive, the completion rate and ability to target the audience you want, makes it worth giving a chance.

If online display advertising doesn’t fit into your marketing plan, consider creating more video content that you can share through your website and social platforms. According to REELSEO, video improves online visibility and drives more action online than plain images and text.

Don’t worry about not being a Hollywood director; online video content doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

Have you had success with video based advertisements or content? Share your story with us in the comments below!

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