Is your Company Ready for the Ohio Oil and Gas Revolution? Part II

In my last post, I focused on the impact that the eastern Ohio oil and gas development is having on businesses, jobs, and Ohio in general.  In this post I will focus on a couple companies that have welcomed this new development and are currently benefiting from it.  I will share a few business success stories from companies that are working directly with the oil companies as well as provide advice from experienced businesses for others who may be looking to get involved.

Where to start and who can help:  

The Canton Regional Chamber and OOGA (Ohio Oil and Gas Association) are two of the top resources with regards to helping your business get educated and connected within the Ohio oil and gas industry.  “TheUtica Capital Chamber has been actively involved since 2011 learning about the energy and business potential of the Utica Shale” says David Kaminski, Director of Energy and Public Affairs with the Canton Regional Chamber.  Kaminski also states that “Since 2012, we have actively promoted the industry and offered business education through a series of Oil and Gas Business Development Seminars focusing mainly on exploration and production.”

When asked about one word of advice he would give a company looking to get more in involved Utica or Marcellus shale play, Kaminski advised to “assign someone in your company to network with other businesses interested in oil and gas. Spend the time and money to attend every event you can find that promises a Utica program of quality. Become recognized through repetition. Talk about what you do. Listen to what others do. This is a relationship business. Build relationships.”

Others who are currently benefiting and participating that you may know:

Canton Erectors is one company that welcomed the shale development in Ohio with open arms. Canton Erectors specializes in heavy moving and erection services.  “The Oil & Gas Industry has been a shining light in an otherwise down economy and has made a substantial impact on CEIour business.  It’s added roughly 10-15% to our business volume and we’re looking at additional equipment acquisitions to support the demand” says Brian Selinsky, President of Canton Erectors.   With no past experience working with the industry, he credited the success to perseverance and luck.  “You just have to be persistent.  You don’t always have to be their first choice vender, because as long as they know you exist, you can step up when their first choice is unavailable for whatever reason.  Make yourself their back-up plan” states Selinsky.

Another company actively engaged in the industry is Wilkof Industrial Supply and Ron’s Workingman’s store , known for selling industrial work-related clothing and supplies.  “Most recently the shale drilling has led us to open Ron’s Workingman’s Store mobile,” says Tyler Wilkof, Vice President of Wilkof Industrial Supply Company. “Ron’s Mobile is a 30 foot heated and air cWilkof Industrialonditioned self-sufficient store on wheels. The mobile store allows us to visit our customers with the product they need right on site.” Wilkof also states.  He also noted that they will be launching an e commerce store in the coming weeks at which will provide another convenient channel to purchase product.

Finally when asked about any advice he’d share, along with the advice from David Kaminski (Canton Regional Chamber) suggested attending social networking events, listening and reacting to customer needs.  This will get you noticed.

These are just a couple companies that are finding success with the shale oil and gas; however there are many more out there that have their own success story.

My final post in the series will take a closer look at companies that are indirectly benefiting from oil and gas such as hotels and restaurants. Do you have a success story or tip you’d like to share?  If so, we’d love to hear it.

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