7 Growing Lists of Online Marketing Tools & Resources to Bookmark

Online Marketing ToolsOur friend Nick Kellet created a very interesting tool he’s named List.ly. I love his concept.

List.ly is social network for curating lists that allows users the ability to create lists, and then have community members add to them.  List.ly then allows users to embed those lists just about where ever they wish.

To demonstrate how List.ly can be used as one of your online marketing tools for blogging, I’ve created a post that shows your how to use simple iFrame embedding to curate lists in a post.

At the base level, List.ly free to use and there is even a WordPress Plugin you can download that gives your multiple other embedding options.  The embedded widgets you see below are what is made available without installing the plugin.

Enjoy this list of lists. I hope you find some online marketing tools and resources that you can bookmark for later use.

17 Online Marketing Tools to Help with Search Engine Optimization

7 Online Marketing Tools to Help with Email Marketing and List Management

11 Online Marketing Tools to Help with Social Media Management

9 Online Marketing Tools for Real Time Analytics

72 Top Rated Blogs on Web Analytics

7 Blogs About Analytics and Data Visualizations

35 Books on Social Media Marketing

Which one of these lists did you think was most useful? Let me know in the comments, okay?

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