The Social Business News Wrap on TKGenius | Volume #27

Twitter Music

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Twitter, Twitter Video (Vine), and now, Twitter Music…will it ever stop? Well, since Twitter use is growing, especially among the 13-25 age group, probably not any time soon. So, what is Twitter Music? Twitter unveiled it’s newest, much anticipated music discovery app, ‘Twitter Music’ this week. Twitter Music is a music discovery app. You can find Popular, Emerging (talented folks that Twitter found in Tweets), Suggested Artists, #Now Playing, and your own personal list of faves. As a music and social media lover, this is really fun, but it’s not like there aren’t other social media music platforms out there…so what is so great/new/interesting about Twitter Music? Having just spent about 30 minutes playing around with it – it just went live for us regular folk – it was available to a handful of “chosen” people prior to today – I think it could be a really great way to discover new music, particularly if you are in the habit of following musicians and bands on Twitter already. If not, you can hop on Twitter Music and follow your faves and it will automatically give you suggestions based on what you like. You can listen to tracks in part or in full to get a sense of what a new musician or band is like, and follow if you’d like to hear and learn more about them. Using social media to find new music is something my kids have been doing for a while. It looks like a natural progression to me, using Twitter, where people share everything from their latest meal to the births of their children, that music and music sharing be tweeted.

Avoiding Social Community Management Failure

Social Business News has a great tutorial this week on How To Avoid Online Customer Community Failure!  I’ll let you read the in-depth tutorial, because if you are a mid-size to large organization with an online community, you are going to want the details, but I’ll give you the highlights to achieving online community success:

  • Make sure your business goals match your community’s intentions
  • Do your research before purchasing any online community software
  • Understand that online communities are built for short sprints, rather than long marathons
  • Gotta provide fresh content – all.the.time!
  • Make sure you have a skilled person managing your community
  • Your online community must have an impact on core operations
  • Be sure to have effective leadership and commitment from the business

You’ve heard all that before, right? Well it is something that seems to be hard for many businesses to grasp. Managing an online community for your organization is hard work. It needs to be researched before implementation, constantly updated and tweaked, and it needs a consistent message from the core of the business. No problem right? If that answer isn’t a resounding “yes”, you might want to check it out.

#Boston Strong

And lastly, because after a week like this, we all need a little something wonderful to restore our faith in humanity, check out this awesome video from a Boston Bruins game that went viral this week after the bombing of the Boston Marathon. It’s good stuff.

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