Is Banner Topper a Scam?

One of our clients recently received an unsolicited email from Banner Topper, which began like this:

Let me introduce you our patent pending internet advertisement technology which will instantly bring your website on first page of all major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing without Pay Per Click competition.

As I already wrote, you don’t have to worry about competitors, because once you get keyword, nobody else can use it during whole year. You will have exclusive rights on your keywords during first year and you will also have first right of renewal.

The client was skeptical (as they should be) so they reached out to their web marketing experts (us!) to determine if this was a viable online marketing opportunity.

Banner Topper

Banner Topper Investigation

The first red flag is the poor grammar from the email itself. “Let me introduce you our…” and “…once you get keyword, nobody else can…”

The second red flag is the too-good-to-be-true claim of no competition. Something about not having competitors and getting exclusive rights to keywords smells fishy.

A quick Google search reveals the following “Banner Topper reviews”:

“I’m using both technologies, cause I think they’re both good in their way, but you can decide which model is best for you.”

“After all comparisons you can decide which model is best for you. I’m Personally using both of them and getting very good results.” (no, not TechMarketing)

“After аll comparisons уоu саn decide which model іѕ bеѕt fоr you. І’m Personally uѕіng bоth оf thеm аnԁ gеttіng vеrу good results.”

Yes, these all look like suspicious blogs and review sites set up specifically to spread propaganda and generate inbound links to Banner Topper’s site. This would be red flag number three.

So what are real Banner Topper reviews saying?

In February, a thread on, a message board about SEO techniques that typically break the ethical code of quality search engine optimization, was started asking their community to provide insights on Banner Topper. Granted, this is a message board so anything goes, but these are the kinds of comments people are sharing:

A user with over 1000 posts says:

“it works based on spyware toolbars etc, which create additional ads in the browser.”

Another member with over 100 posts commented:

“I received an unsolicited email from them today. You know it’s a scam when their website has no address, company information, about us or satisfied clients. But they have had the domain for a month, lol.”

A third member with over 100 posts states:

“Wants 15K to have my real estate KW at the top of Google and they have a brand new website….”

The regulars at this message board aren’t buying it. We’ll call that red flag number four.

A question about Banner Topper being a scam also showed up on Yahoo Answers. The winning answer mentions that it relies on Adware or user installed browser plugins and its future may be questionable. This would be red flag number five.

The list goes on and on and we haven’t even talked about the website itself; which is full of suspicious content. We’d say five red flags is enough reason for us to confidently recommend staying far, far away from Banner Topper.

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