Content Curation: How Often Should I Share on Social Media?

oversharingI was recently contacted by one of our readers regarding my content curation series on the blog from last October. He said he’s thinks he’s doing everything right but wanted to know about frequency of content distribution, and if there’s a definitive answer ‘out there’ on this topic.

Like SO many things in the web marketing world, there are no hard and fast rules on how often to distribute curated content. As always, it comes down to your audience size, audience engagement, audience expectations, the type of content you’re generating, and frankly, your time.

I’ll give you an extreme example: Mashable pushes out content on a 24/7 basis. For the vast majority of businesses, your audience would find this incredibly annoying, and you’d probably see engagement go way down (i.e., people tuning you out). And, I imagine you don’t have the staff or time to do that, anyway. However, Mashable has 3.2 million readers around the globe, and frankly, we’ve become accustomed to their ‘ways.’

So, assuming you’re not Mashable, here are some very BALLPARK recs for an average biz sharing curated content, without seeming absent OR overwhelming your audience. Let’s look at three big ones – Twitter, Facebook, and Blogging:

Twitter: More important than frequency is consistency and quality. If you can only tweet twice a day, then commit to tweeting twice a day and stick to it. That said, there’s no ideal number for tweeting, although at a minimum, you should be tweeting once a day, and if you can tweet up to 5 times a day, great! Some power-tweeters get up to 40 tweets a day, but that’s not often realistic.

Be sure to repurpose your tweets – not everyone is going to read your tweet the first time (unless they’re sitting on Twitter), so feel free to rephrase it and post again at a different time of day.

Don’t forget to #hashtag, retweet, and reply on Twitter to increase engagement.

Facebook: One post a day is ideal. More than that, and your audience may start to tune you out. Less than that, and you may get ‘lost’ in the FB shuffle. Look at your engagement numbers, though, to ensure you’re posting at the right pace; stats can tell you a lot of what you need to know.

Blog:  At a very minimum, post 2-3 times per week. The fact that you’re curating content should make this easier to achieve. Ideally, we recommend posting every weekday. This is the ideal way to build your reputation as a thought leader and grow your audience through relevant, valuable content.

Do a little testing and see what what frequency generates the best results, then set a schedule you can keep. Stay active and consistent, and set expectations with your readers they can come to rely on.

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