Email Marketing: Still Alive and Kickin'

Oh, email…it’s the uncoolest, unsexiest, most ancient channel in the online content marketing playbook.

Is Email Marketing Dead?Everyone loves to hate on it, and truth be told, we do too, sometimes. Email is pretty much the opposite of a slick, super-fun, shareable-on-social infographic.

So WHY am I bothering to talk about email since it’s clearly dead?

See, that’s the problem – it’s alive and quite well. It’s maybe a little past its peak, but it’s still in fine shape. (All those major retailers aren’t emailing you for the fun of it.) In fact, email still generates a whopping $40 ROI for every dollar spent. More on that in a moment.

So, before you decide that email is simply too old school to consider, you might want to reconsider why email marketing got so popular in the first place:

  • Email is inexpensive. It has no printing, paper, or postage costs associated with it, like Direct Mail does. Also, email service providers (ESPs) like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp are as little to use as a few dollars a month, and sometimes even free.
  • Email is effective. Everyone has it, everyone checks it. 100 times a day. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association conducts an economic impact study each fall, and in 2011, email generated $40 for each dollar spent, putting it in the #1 position above SEO!! It’s down a little from its peak a few years ago, but still holding on to the top spot.
  • Email is measureable. Even the most basic ESPs come with lots of built-in metrics so you can see how each email performs – click through rates, open rates, bounce rates, forwards, opt-outs, social shares, and more.
  • Email is everywhere. Know anyone who doesn’t have an email address? Know anyone who doesn’t have two or more? Yeah, neither do we. 🙂
  • Email is easy to “get out the door.” Most ESPs come with a bunch of free customizable email templates. These are great if you don’t have a graphic designer at the ready. Most of the templates are pretty decent, too, and you can create your message or newsletter super quick. If you can drag-and-drop, upload images, and use a rich text editor, you’re good to go.

So, the next time you hear someone making fun of email as an “old dog,” remind ‘em that it’s still one of the most effective tools in your marketing toolbox.  I mean, anything with that kind of ROI? We’re not giving up on it, and neither should you!

Aaaaaaand to bring it all home, here’s an infographic explaining why email isn’t dead:

Is Email Dead? Infographic

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