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catEarlier this month the Local Search Association released a report prepared by ComScore, Inc. indicating that traffic to online directories and other local resources via non-PC devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc.) has quadrupled in 2012, reaching 26% of total web traffic in December 2012, up from 6% share in December 2011.

In late April, the Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study revealed that 46% of survey respondents relied exclusively on their smartphones or tablets to conduct online research across a range of purchase categories, including banking and finance, gas and convenience, insurance and retail.

At TKG, we monitor our clients’ mobile traffic, too. And while the results are not as dramatic as the surveys above, we’re noting that a significant portions of our clients’ traffic is also coming from mobile devices. In some cases, as much as 20% of visitors are on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet.

What This Surge in Mobile Traffic Means

Have you looked at your website lately on your mobile device? Go ahead. Take a peak. I’ll wait. 🙂

If your business has invested in a mobile site or a responsive design, you probably liked what you saw. Even on a smaller screen, the most important information is readily available to your visitors. For a local business that probably means phone numbers, an address, maps and driving directions are right there, waiting to be accessed. For an ecommerce site, your products were easy to navigate to, and interact with, and most importantly readable, regardless of the size of device. If you tried to make a purchase, you could also check out without having to re-direct to a non-mobile version. Even purely lead gen sites can benefit from a mobile version that is easy to navigate from small screens, and makes converting super simple.

If instead you just saw a teeny-tiny and hard to read – or navigate – version of your otherwise beautiful site, then perhaps the stats from above will give you pause for thought. As the mobile device market grows, and as more and more visitors across all industries and markets are turning to their phones and tablets instead of their PCs, the need to provide an excellent experience regardless of screen size becomes more and more important. And, as the variety of devices that people have access to grow, the need for a responsive design becomes more and more important, also. After all, can you afford to give a bad experience to even 20% of your visitors? Probably not!

Have questions about how you can use a mobile site to grow your business? Leave them in the comments! Curious to see what a responsive design is? Check out on your smartphone, tablet and desktop… and watch as the experience changes based on your device.

We may tease Leanne about being the only Canadian at TKG, but in truth she’s an online marketing pro with a breadth of experience including SEO, content marketing, analytics and more. She’ll be talking about these topics as well as high level marketing strategy.

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