Read Later Services, Part 1

My Twitter Feed and Facebook News Feed are filled with links to all sorts of things, not to mention all of the great content on the rest of the Internet. But often I come across interesting items when I don’t have time to read. Read later services to the rescue! A number of different options exist to easily save an article for easy access later. Not only do these services make it possible to collect interesting articles in one place, they also often provide a clean reading environment with easy control over fonts, colors and size.

tablets for reading later


There are a range of approaches taken by read later services, from only collecting articles specifically selected by the user to providing an endless stream of recommended content. Quite a few options exisit, but I’ll focus on a couple of my favorites from each part of this spectrum.

Pocket is a service focused on allowing users to collect articles and posts. It has convenient extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as solid app support on both Android and iOS platforms. By adding items to Pocket they become available to read on phone, tablet or computer. The reading experience is nice and simple: The articles are stripped down to the text and images in my choice of font. But there is also an easy option to see the original web page layout. Other similar options are Instapaper and Readability.

There are also services that collect articles and news for you. At this end of the spectrum my favorite option is Flipboard. After granting access to Twitter and Facebook accounts it keeps watch over the activity and provides a visually appealing way to flip through the various stories and posts that are being shared. I particularly enjoy using Flipboard on a tablet, it has the feel of a great blend between technology and a magazine. Other options in this space are News360 and Feedly.

Consider yourself introduced to the world of read later service! In part 2 of this series, I’ll dive into tools that make it easier to collect and share articles. Until then, feel free to share in the comments the read later services you currently use.

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