Read Later Services, Part 2: Share Later

Picture this: throughout the day you see stuff on the internet that seems interesting, using what you learned in part one of this series you collect this into a read later service. When you find time to read them you want to share them on your social networks. But you don’t want to overwhelm people with all the stories at once. Share later service to the rescue!

Social Media SchedulingSharing later is like a read later service in reverse: they allow you to collect a bunch of things you want to post to your social networks and then spread them out to help you avoid over sharing. In case you are curious, Collyn’s covered How Often Should I Share on Social Media in her Content Curation series.

My personal choice for sharing later is Buffer because of its simplicity. Buffer integrates with your read later service so you can mark the stories you share as you are reading. It keeps a separate “Buffer” for your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and posts the next item based on the schedule you set for each network. It also has extensions for browsers and a mobile app for sharing and managing your buffers. As a nice bonus, it can help you understand what works by providing some basic metrics for each post.

If you are looking for more control of the timing of each post HootSuite is a great option. It is primarily a social media platform, but the ability to schedule makes it very useful in this context. Sarah covered scheduling last year, but since then HootSuite has added a very helpful AutoSchedule feature that chooses an optimal time for each of your posts. So while HootSutie doesn’t integrate as well with read later services, the level of control over timing may be worth it.

Have you mastered the time shifting powers of read later and share later services? Share your tips below!

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