Summer’s Almost Here

summerThis is probably my favorite time of year.  It’s getting warmer out, the sun is out regularly, yet we still have the whole summer ahead of us.  There’s a lot of rain still coming our way, but a lot to look forward to.

It’s not all that different for many businesses right now.  Yeah we have a lot going on regarding new taxes, health-care costs, national tragedies and disasters.  There is plenty to be concerned with and pay attention to.

At the same time, I believe we have a lot to look forward to.  Despite what’s happening in Washington, businesses are choosing to make progress.  Aaron mentioned the Oil and Gas industry in Ohio.  But it’s bigger than that.  We have many clients in all sorts of industries who are coming off of record years, and looking forward to even more growth.  It has been and will always be the great American spirit that keeps business moving forward no matter the challenge.


There are still a lot of people and businesses sitting on the sidelines right now.  Those people and businesses choosing not to participate by not reinvesting, or not working to their potential,  are leaving the opportunity on the table for those of us that choose to be aggressive .

If you’re a decision maker in your business, or your household, maybe it’s time to consider getting off the sidelines and contribute to the forward momentum.  Grow your business by finding new clients or expanding your product lines, or if you happen to be un or under employed, be aggressive and do something about it.  Don’t wait for it to come to you.

There’s enough opportunity for all of us.

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Geoff is our fearless leader – President & Owner of TKG, a role he’s held proudly for the past 15 years. He likes to talk “big picture” online marketing trends and strategy, and how/why businesses can use the web to achieve their goals. He’s also a passionate Steelers fan; we felt you should know that.

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