Best Uses of Big Brands Using Facebook for Customer Service

Last week, I looked at big brands doing a bang-up job using Twitter to resolve customer service issues. From tele-giant Verizon to mega-home improvement store Home Depot, these companies are doing what it takes to keep customers happy, even if those customers choose not to dial the 1-800 number.

This week, I’m looking at brands managing customer relationships via Facebook.

Facebook users love to “Like” their favorite brands’ pages, so it’s important for companies not only to push out valuable information (sales, specials, new merch) but also respond when the sale doesn’t go as smoothly as anticipated.

As I touched on in my last post, brands can no longer assume that customers, especially younger ones, are going to pick up the phone to resolve their concerns. For many customers, especially ones who spend their days plugged into social networks (like, ahem, ME), and who use their phones for everything except making calls, the first place they turn naturally is to social media.

KLM Facebook PageObviously, the more time-sensitive your product is, the more important it is to respond quickly. In this study by Expion, I was glad to see that the international airline carrier KLM is aware of this fact. Few things are more nerve wracking that being stranded or delayed internationally.

Another biggie is Walmart, coming in at #2. With 30 MILLION Facebook fans and probably the heaviest retail sales volume in the world, I have to say I’m impressed. That’s a lot of customer service issues to manage online.

Facebook Response Times:FB Response timesOf course, it’s not only important how quickly a company responds, but how many questions they’re addressing. Are they responding to 25% of customer inquiries or 95%?

Again, leading the way in the top five are two airlines – KLM and Air Asia. Another brand with a high response percentage is T-Mobile. With a smaller market share than Verizon and AT&T, this makes T-Mobile shine and increases customer loyalty. It’s smart, too – their customers responding via social or probably their most tech-savvy customers.

Facebook Percentage of Response Rate:Facebook Percentage of Response RateEven if you’re not a mega-retailer, and you’re probably not, there are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned here. The cupcake shop down the street or a web business like TKG absolutely benefits from staying on top of customer satisfaction on all channels.

Customers reach businesses on the channels that are most comfortable to them, and those might be different than the ones most comfortable or convenient for businesses.

Keep on top of it, and watch customer satisfaction and loyalty skyrocket.

Study: Expion, October 2012
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