A Spotlight on Small Business: Joie de Vivre Laser and Medical Spa

In honor of Small Business Week, I chose to spotlight one of our successful local small business clients, Joie de Vivre Laser and Medical Spa. Joie de Vivre Logo

Joie de Vivre (JdV) opened their doors in the summer of 2011 as a laser and medical spa offering a variety of cosmetic treatments such as photo-facials, tattoo removal, dermal fillers, laser hair removal and more.  Located in Canton, Ohio the laser and medical spa filled a void that the area was missing. After a lot of planning and locating of space to create the ideal setting, a grand opening date was set. But before JdV opened for business, a marketing budget and plan was established with us that included a new website, social media consulting, content marketing and natural SEO strategies. Marketing was in the works well before the walls were even painted!

Working the Web Together
Suffice to say that after two years, Joie de Vivre Laser and Medical Spa is a thriving small business. Together, we have partnered to tackle marketing, seeing tremendous growth in Internet leads from forms to phone calls. How did we get there? By working together!

For example, the JdV team handles monthly e-mails and management of Facebook as some of their duties, while TKG takes care of other pieces of vital web marketing that includes strategy, search optimization, website optimization, local optimization, banner ad creation, content marketing, conversion optimization and more. The key is learning to work together as one solid team, creating a way to promote the business while working in unison to handle a larger amount of work. Strategy and planning have really paid off!

JdV Laser and Medical Spa Entrance

Visitors to JDVMedSpa.com can not only learn about their different services from the comfort of their browser, but they can also read details about med spa services, see before and after photos of med spa treatments, look at financing options and more. Testimonials on the website are also made available for prospective clients while referrals from current patients have remained strong.

As a wrap-up to the short story about JdV, new website improvements are about to go live with upgraded navigation and mobile splash – all for better user experience. So take a tour of the JdV website or go visit them, in person.

Besides serving as TKG’s resident pool shark, Chuck brings a wealth of sales and client service experience to the group. He loves to help clients with online challenges through problem solving and creative thinking, and is kind enough to share those ideas on the blog.

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